Not a Stool, Not a Chair

A young Italian designer by the name of stefanO soavE (with those capital letters) has made a place to sit for the ages. It’s not a chair, it’s not a stool. It’s what soavE calls an ischiatic sit with 3 legs. It’s the bones. A support for the body 70cm from the floor. For the rest. An oddity.

The actual title is “NONO'” with that extra little apostrophe. It’s light, dynamic, and sure to be unique in any number of situations. And if you’d like to have a bunch, the NONO’ is stackable too.

What do you think, is this chair what you’d consider perfect for your veranda? Do you think you’d put a stack of these around your table?


Designer: stefanO soavE

NONO by stefanO soavE