Wall organizer concept used MDF boards to hold your stuff

For someone who has a lot of stuff lying around, I need all the help when it comes to storing and organizing all my various things and knick-knacks. Sometimes there’s not enough space for shelves, cabinets, and all the other furniture that can store my stuff. I’m always on the lookout for things that will make my life easier like space-saving concepts that hopefully will eventually become actual things that can hold things like my books, bags, and other things I need to keep handy.

Designer: Akash Deep

Hatcher is a concept for a wall organizer that has only an MDF board as its main material. An MDF is a medium-density fibreboard and for this piece of house accessory, it only uses around 3 feet of these engineered wooden boards which are nailed to the wall. Some parts of the boards are slightly bent and this is how it becomes an organizer for various things. The boards are slightly heated so you can bend them so you’ll be able to place things in between the board and the wall.

From the product renders, some of the things that you can put on the wall organizer include a book or two, and a magazine or a notebook. You can also use it as a hat holder or bag holder but you probably should only put your lighter shoulder bags (and since most of my bags are really heavy, then that’s out). You can also put your headphones on it, in case you’re like me, who keeps misplacing them. Maybe you can also attach something that can serve as a key holder since that’s something you definitely need to have on your wall.

The Hatcher has a minimalist aesthetic since the MDF board is the only component, although you probably can add a bit of color or design to it. What we don’t know is if the boards can actually hold the stuff you place in it for a long time and what weight it can actually hold. But hopefully when it becomes an actual product, those things can be sorted out because it’s something I would definitely want to add to my wall.