Blind Phone with Fashion

So check it out. We’ve had several cells for the blind here at Yanko, and they’ve all been just lovely. This one, though, this one hits a sharper note. This one is closer to actual reality now, with the super simple 3D braille face, functionality and instant ease to produce go a long way. This one, Siwei Liu’s “Tactility” phone, uses technology we’ve already got today to make a phone that’ll be good at least until tomorrow.

And wouldn’t it just go with everything? It’s the real deal, too, you can tell by the little hole at the bottom there where you can loop a tie through to hang from you lanyard or belt or whatever else you do with that sort of thing.

Most important: it’d match my new full-body TRON outfit. That light on the side there… Trontastic.

Designer: Siwei Liu

Tactility Cell Phone for the Blind by Siwei Liu





  • Logo Bliss says:

    Never seen a blind phone before, let alone a styled one…nice!

  • fredone says:

    @Logo Bliss

    never see a Iphone 3Gs ?

  • Ram says:

    I admire and salute designers who develop products for the disadvantaged. It takes a special kind of person to be involved in such projects

  • patricia says:

    I am interested in putting your link on my new web site. Do you have an affiliate program?

  • furong says:


  • Jeff says:

    This phone looks great! I’ll forward it over to my father who is blind, he’s been trying to find a phone like this that will be available for purchase soon. Do you have any idea if this product is moving towards production or if it’s just a concept?

  • lu says:

    I am very much eager to know about this blind phone? How much will it cost? I am actually handling many blind friends and it is one of their needs.
    Hopefully you can send me direction where to find the prices

    Thanks, was amazing

  • Liz says:

    Hi, does anybody know how I can get in touch with Siwei Liu? The company I work for is very interested in this project, but I have been unable to find any contact details of hers.
    Any help is highly appreciated, thank you!

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