Coffee Cup Plant

Y in Cup is a project that has good intentions. It wants you to re-use your disposable coffee cup (yes the Starbucks variety) to grow more plants. I mean tiny plants that can dot your home, office or wherever. A combo of seed and fertilizer disk comes attached to the bottom of the Y Cup; simply tear open the package and empty the contents in the rinsed out cup. Add some soil from your backyard and you’re good to go.

Like I said the intentions of the project are good, but I don’t think it’s possible to grow plants out of every coffee cup that you use. For an addict like me, who goes through countless cups of coffee, it would be a waste of seeds and fertilizers coz I know I won’t be able to plant and maintain so many pots! A better idea would be to supply optional cups, like you could purchase cups with or without the seed disks. That would make more sense.

Designer: Joon Kim

Y in Cup by Joon Kim






  • yoyoMan says:

    “tiny plants that can dot your home, office”
    office.. it says it needs sunlight, plus the paper will start to rot with the wet soil inside, start producing smell..

    How about if you drink coffee every day buy your self a reusable cup and stop making these disposable cups seem like a good idea.

    • Elizabeth Ashley says:

      thank you!! Use a thermos that you can wash and reuse everyday. Then there is no need for these paper cups!!!

  • Ed says:

    biodegradeable cups?

  • MsUnreliable says:

    Great idea! Not everyone who works in an office sits in a tiny cubicle with no natural sunlight – this would be perfect for my desk, and almost every office I’ve worked in has had great access to natural daylight.

    And yes, biodegradeable coffee cups do exist, but that doesn’t mean that the opportunity to add a few more plants to the world should be passed up!

  • Bella says:

    where do you make this cup?

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