World Design Rankings 2016 – See if your country made it!


For six years now, A’ Design Awards and Competition have been going about viewing, reviewing, and rewarding the best design works across the world. Now with six years of collated data, the World Design Rankings provide a pretty clear picture of where each country features on the design map of the world. The list below contains data gathered over the 6 years since the A’ Design Awards and Competition was established. The numbers below show how many entries from each country were awarded the A’ Design Award. With every year it gets more accurate, more cemented, and more mature.

You can even take a look at this alternative rating that sorts and ranks design disciplines rather than countries… and right below we’ve curated a special little set of our top 5 winning designs from last year. Do take a look! They’re pretty neat!


YD Favorites from the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2015-16

1. The Birth by h220430

2. Smarter Smart display USB adapter by inDare Design & Baseus Manufacture

3. Bird Wearable input device by product design

4. PeeFence Flexible Urinal by PeeFence I/S

And lastly…
05. SPH Smart Prosthetic Hand by Young Jo In