Keep On Switchitallingaling!

Pugin! This thing is designed by Matthias Pugin! Kinda like plugin, which is what you’ll have done once you experience this clock. Made out of magic, aka magnets controlling metal bars which make up the surface of the clock, move about creating what appears to be a clock whose face, though analog, seems to perform a complicated movement task. The steampunk gang will be happy if this little diddy renders out nice enough!

Take a peek at the video and lemme know if it’ll blend. I mean toast. I mean float. I mean work! On the other hand I bet Matthias Pugin already has one on hand, right?

Designer: Matthias Pugin





  • Confucius says:

    Made out of magic is right Chris, there is no way in hell this would work without some fairy dust sprinkled on it. Lets see a working prototype!

  • Consumer says:

    Interesting! I’ll surely get one in my house.

  • tryner says:

    it’s deffinitely makeable…. though the price tag will likely be astronomical. Just think of how an FDM machine works and apply the same basic principles to a constantly changing computer program to display the correct time. Awesome idea, and as soon as I can get one for less than $500, I’m all for it!

  • Will says:

    Is this the same designer who did the large version last yr for milan salone?

    • Pugin says:

      No that wasn’t me. What was that project about? Was there a similar design?

  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s doable. It just needs more space between the numbers.

  • nataliszka says:

    Where can I buy this clock ???????

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