This sleek box instantly turns all the speakers in your home into high-fidelity audio equipment

Think of every audio device you’ve got in your home… standalone speaker units, headphones, earphones, your TV, record player, etc. Now imagine they were vehicles. The larger ones would be cars, trucks, the smaller ones like headphones would be bikes or scooters. In this analogy, if these audio devices are vehicles, the Dense Home is like a turbocharger for your vehicles. Designed to look like a slick, innocuous box that blends right into your home decor, the Dense Home is a stereo amplifier that just makes audio sound richer, louder, and frankly, more sublime. It boosts the ability of your audio devices by taking their input and amplifying the audio signal going in. Using a top tier Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), the Dense Home transcribes the digital input signal into a near-perfect, high-fidelity, amplified analog signal. This means music sounds richer on your devices, and sounds/instruments you never noticed in your favorite songs end up becoming more clear. In every which way, amplifiers help you listen to music the way it was produced in the studio.

If you close your eyes and imagine an amplifier, the chances of you thinking of something sleek are pretty slim. Amplifiers never received the ‘sleekification’ treatment that the rest of the consumer electronics industry got. Even today, studio-grade amplifiers are clunky, made of metal or plastic, and have wires coming out of all ends. The Dense Home, however, looks like a slick slab of marble resting on your countertop. Designed to appear as streamlined and modern as the rest of the objects around your house, the Dense Home was built to complement your space while looking quite literally clean and cutting edge.

The amp comes with a Corian surface on top that mimics marble or granite, and routes all the wires at the back. It works with wireless devices too, amplifying the signal to your headphones to make your music sound top notch. The Class D stereo amplifier on the inside helps effectively enrich and amplify your sounds while efficiently saving power, and the Corian plate on top supports touch interaction, allowing you to slide your finger up or down to control the volume, or select your input and output. The Dense Home supports analog as well as digital inputs and outputs, which means you could either replay your vinyl records at lossless quality, or listen to audio files from your computer or phone at the highest definition. Support for wireless output devices effectively means your regular headphones now become high-quality ones, and the Dense team is working on integrating Spotify too, so your entire playlist gets turbocharged to its highest quality!

Designer: Dense

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $799 ($500 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Dense Home: All-In-One Hi-Fi Audio System

Dense Home is a smart audio amplifier that will replace all of your audio devices into one. It’s packed with connectivities that can connect to any audio devices in your home.

Design & Experience

No more heavy boxes to drive your beautiful speakers and headphones. The natural look of Corian Solid surface top and the dark shade of the seamless aluminum body, Dense Home is no longer an electronic device, but a piece of furniture completing your home design.

The soft Limestone White or the solid Rock Black color can brighten up or tone down your space.

Dense Home’s top is made from a customized solid sheet that is unique in each and every way. Each Dense home is unique to you.

Dense Home control only needs your soft touch. A light tap on the top switches the input and output.

Audio Performance

Stereo Amplifier, Headphone Amplifier, USB Audio DAC, HDMI receiver, Bluetooth Receiver

The highest precision analog and digital parts were carefully selected for the best performance. Experience the unbiased crystal clear sounds from the premium ESS Technology DAC with TI Burr-Brown amplifiers.

Loud and Clear 70W Power

Dense Home can be a 35W Stereo amplifier or a 70W Mono amplifier with twice the power for one channel. Don’t worry if the input is digital, Dense StereoConnect feature can share audio data with two Dense Homes with perfect sync.

Part of Your Music Life

Dense Home is not an average audio box. It’s a smart device that constantly analyzes the system conditions and runs efficiently. High-Performance ARM Core Processor keeps the best performance, optimizes tasks, and reduces power consumption.

Dense Home uses a Class D amplifier topology with a proprietary circuit design to reach 90% efficiency without compromising the noise performance. So, unlike the classic Class AB amplifier, which has an efficiency of up to 60%, Dense Home can save power and the environment.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $799 ($500 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!