Revolution with Knives

You say you only want a single knife now, well, you know: we all want to save on packaging. So, so, then, what we’ve got to do is cut down! And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with designer Aaron Root’s singular knifes concept! You say you only want a few of those knives out of that giant block they sell? How about buying one knife at a time in its own block, each block connectable to the next? Neat!

Aaron Root was charged by J.A. Henckles to create a unique way for people to purchase individual knives that would normally be part of a large block set. So, what he did was to break up the block. Each knife comes in its own block, magnets on either side, making it possible for the purchaser to collect, say, three knives, then put them all together for their own unique block set.

Not only that, the magnets make it possible for the owner to stick the block to anything metal: the fridge, a metal shelving unit, the metal plate inside mom’s head, anything! And the only waste is the small paper bellyband!

Designer: Aaron Root

Aaron Root's Single Block Knives for JA Henckels





  • AJ says:

    should we are talking in the stream of kitchen the concept is appealing a lot to me…

  • Klappstuhl says:

    Wow. Neat.

  • Chozo says:

    But isn’t it less packaging to package five at once? This way you are tripling the packaging, maybe even more.

  • base says:

    This is a brilliant idea… having purchased individual knives I found it impossible to find a block that suited. My knives are all very high quality. However, they need to sell these without knives and inexpensively for it to work. I ended up getting a 5 slot bamboo block for €30 (including cheep knives) so each of these blocks (without knife) would need to sell in the region of €8 to be worthwhile… can they hit that price point? If not, don’t bother to mass manufacture IMHO.

  • fuchikoma says:

    I hate when a knife gets magnetized, then collects its filings when I go to sharpen it, dulling it as it’s sharpened…

    …so I never use holders with magnets or magnetic racks.

  • Geraldo says:

    Interesting idea, but isn’t part of the whole utility of this, that a block holds knives at an upright angle? For my money, I’ll probably replace my block with a magnetic bar to hold my Henckels/Global knives — I just don’t have enough counter space.

  • Aaron R. says:

    Hello, I am the designer of this post. I would just like to make it clear that I was not commissioned by JA Henckels for this project. This was a student project while I attended Columbus College of Art and Design. It has no current ties to there company. I used them as a mock client simply because I love their knives. I will however be recreating this design under my own brand and hopefully it will be available for purchase.


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