I Got Kitchen Envy, Thanks Henrybuilt

Jealous of that kitchen? I sure am. The Integrated Bar Block by Henrybuilt is an additional piece to the free standing island but looks meant to be. Each Bar Block is handmade from solid wood to extend any kitchen system with a bevy of drawers, storage, and cutting boards. Seriously, I’m looking into my kitchen with disdain. We often see elaborate kitchens in magazines when the reality is most of us have tiny ones. This is a perfect example of crafted functionality for real kitchens.

The bar block is configured into storage modules: a drawer with an angled bottom supports spice jar storage, three solid wood sculpted cutting boards with anti-slide feet stack in another bay, another drawer has a fitted knife block capable of storing nine knives with blades up to 9” long. Outlets and switches can also be built into the block. Each module can be tailored to suit the needs of each client by their Henrybuilt designer. The piece is available in Henrybuilt’s carefully chosen palette of colors and materials

Designer: Henrybuilt

Functionally Integrated Bar Block by Henrybuilt