Contest Giveaway: Win The Little Star Table

Here’s introducing one of the most contemporary Industrial Designers from the UK: Ben Huggins. His Little Star table project is a simple mathematical endeavor. Craft a line here, stack an angle there and you’ve constructed a very chic table! Three tables can be cut from one 1200mm x 2400mm sheet of 15mm ply by CNC router and Ben’s been hand-crafting them all. No screws or fixings, it comes in this neat pizza-style box. To Win this £199 ($325) table simply tell us how would you constructively re-use the empty packaging box. Simple!

For more information on Ben & his products visit New British Design.

Contest Ends: August 24, 12:00 am PST

Update: Contest Closed



Ben Huggins Little Star Table


  • Christine says:

    Considering the table being quite crafty itself, I would probably let my group of 5th grade students get fun and creative with the cardboard box to make a table or chair of their own. It’d be a good exercise to learn about earth friendly products and have fun at the same time!

  • I don't like this table.
    Maybe good. But its legs are longer than its height.

  • Wanda Hughes says:

    I’d give the table and box to my 10 year old grandson. He’s so clever I’m sure it would be easy for him to make something from the box.

  • nuts says:

    what i would do with the packaging box is to cut out a set of coasters together with their holder to store them and place them on the little star table, for whenever a cup of tea is desired, simply take a coaster and enjoy the day.

  • Violetta says:

    Love the table!

    I would customize empty packaging box with doodles and sketches and then use it to store stuff that is dear to me.

  • Victor Assis says:

    I would put some cheese on top of it, some onions, olives, chives, a lot of tomato sauce, put it on the oven for a quarter… and eat it. It’s the ultimate recycling technique!

  • I don’t like this table.
    Maybe good. But its legs are longer than its height.

  • sydereus says:

    i can’t read all the nice suggestions here…so if someone posted this idea before, then i agree with him/her 🙂
    – the suggestion is to use it as a pyramidal vase, to be inserted in the middle of the built-up table (which in my opinion is the project’s only weak point) and make the whole thing more attractive.
    the reverse pyramid could be fixed in the center hole of the table, where legs join together.
    – probably one or two of the box’s lids could need to be inward folded.
    – to be used as a vase, the material of the box should be ideally changed into something more water-proof)
    -also a seed envelope could be enclosed in the box.

    good work!


  • Sebastian says:

    I´ll use it to make a cardboard lamp that goes in the middle of the table, just a lampshade that have a part that hold up the lamp, and the cord pass trought the center of the table. The switch would be below the table, cause the table diameter is so little that you can reach it easily.

  • Arc says:

    I would cast Robust Engineering on it! To do something nicely-half handmade looking, to keep my stuff at.

    I even made a Sketch – tutorial! =D

    While drawing that I got so enthusiastic that I decided to cut that thingy from cardboard myself, if I won’t have a chance to get a real one.

    P.S. You can use little pieces that left to reinforce holes. And if you wont use a central part make a dragon wheel firework from it. By putting it on stick and duct taping rockets to it.. smells like fun.

    Love, Arc

  • fernanda Villanueva says:

    I would take the box to the recycle can, so it can be re-used once more, not necessarily in a box again…

  • Guillermo Tejera says:

    I’ll use it for my homework :p design it’s a very expensive career, so recycle it’s very important

  • green helen says:

    Let’s make HANGERS!
    a)reusing both big triangles:
    Step 1:Separate the triangles one from another.
    Step 2:cut a hook shape in the top of the triangle(narrow side).
    Step 3:cut three horizontal strips,large enough to pass folded pants through it,leaving 2cm of cardboard,as frame,on each side of the triangle and between each strip. Well, you will have a functional hook for your folded pants, loosing almost no cardboard.
    b)reusing both small triangles:
    Just repeat the step 2 and use the triangle shape as hanger for shirts,dresses,etc.

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