Cut from a Single Piece of Wood

What is this! Only a single bit of wood and a small bit of steel support on the bottom, we’ve got quite a sassy looking little sear here! What designer Scott Jarvie has done is to not only make the single seat cut from wood with almost no waste, but multiple seats can be cut with very little waste from a single large regular sheet of plywood, too!

As you can see from the first picture and a couple others below, the One Cut concept is used primarily on this single regular chair, but below, you can see the idea implemented on several different forms.

It’s a whole potential family!

The seat provides a nice surface to sit, lumbar support, and a rather wild form to look at. Very pretty!

Very ergonomic.

Designer: Scott Jarvie

The One Cut Concept for Seating by Scott Jarvie

One Cut 02

One Cut 03

One Cut 04