Universal Design for Hammer

Not much of a carpenter, but sometimes we do get stuck in a situation where we need to tackle the nail, the bang, our fingers …all at one go. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the Unihammer is a likely solution. The design of the hammer is such that it increases the target area considerably. Simply place the nail underneath the detachable head and hold it in place. Next, strike the detached head with the hammer, and you my friend have saved your fingers AND embedded the nail into place.

The Structure:

The structure of UNIHAMMER is rather simple. A steel piece that can withstand the force of a hammer is used to fasten the nail in position. Using a piston mechanism to raise it up and down, and the frames on both sides keeps it perpendicular. The user is able to hold the nail perpendicularly without having to place their fingers anywhere near the nail itself, reducing the risk of hammering himself.

Designer: Ji-youn Kim




Unihammer, A Universal Hammer by Ji-yun Kim