Nailing For Dummies

I’m a total dummy when it comes to nailing. For whatever reason, be it unseen forces of nature, I can not hit a nail straight in. It always goes in from a slight angle often marring the wood. This concept “nail assist” alleviates that embarrassment.

You insert the nail inside the guide tube. Position the tube where you want the nail to be. The large top makes it much easier to manage a hammer slamming down on it. It also protects your precious and very useful fingers. Once the nail is pushed in, simply repeat the process. Your nail will always go in straight and square into its intended target. Brilliant I say.

Designer: Michael Harris

Easy Nail by Michael Harris


  • [Source: Yanko Design]

  • Barton Smith says:

    nice idea

  • Matze says:

    So much plastic used just to prevent that the (maybe 5.5) people on earth learn how to hit a nail straight in by themselves…

    (A wise old man once said: Designing means preventing products 🙂

  • Adam says:

    You know, this would actually be really cool, with one small addition. If you could figure out how to add a nail “clip” like a six-shooter (or something in this vein) so you don’t have to reload one at a time, I think this could be really useful.

  • ThomasLB says:

    This would be very useful for people like my dad, who’s hands aren’t as steady as they used to be.

  • jbelkin says:

    You could just buy a nail gun.

  • Mangetout says:

    Not a new idea. I have a device very similar to this – but made of brass and steel – in my garage somewhere. I don’t think I’ve used it much because reloading it takes up too much time, and nailing isn’t really that hard.

  • A Chase says:

    You do need a perfect nail to fit this, no good if you need to use a roofing nail or plasterboard nail as they wouldn’t fit.

  • Kamil says:

    o oh 🙁

  • renailer says:

    someone’s already got a hammer with this built in. Stop redesigning designs.

  • Lynx says:

    I teach primary school kids and think the idea is great for beginners… where can I get some?

  • Carl says:

    nothing new and not he best solution. are we breeding a nation of idiots. a hammer and nail is quite an easy thing to operate. and the phrase ‘once bitten’ comes to mind. you will only hit yourself once before you learn how to concentrate properly in putting a nail in…!

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