Solar Filtering, It Works!

As proven by my 4th grade science project, adequate sun exposure will in fact, disinfect standing water. Now give me money. UV filtration isn’t new. People do it all over the world. What the SODIS does better is provide long-term durability and viability. The briefcase-like water jug is made of  a high tech material which resists scratching. Scratches inhibit proper UV filtration which means jugs have to be replaced and as we know, the people who use devices like these can’t exactly do that.

Let me tell you why I like this concept. First, someone thought enough to put a 6 liter jug into a briefcase making it much easier to transport. They thought enough to choose a material that can resist scratches better than cheap plastics. Thirdly they’ve done the research and figured out it will only cost $2 to manufacture these life saving water vessels. Kudos to the designer Samuel Rock. Nice name man.

Now give me money.

Designer: Samuel Rock