Inverse Proportion For Texting

The choice so far in cell phones has been large screens and tiny keypads or tiny screens and large keypads. Finding both large-large on the same device is very rare (like the iPhone) and this may irk some hardcore texting addicts. A plausible solution can be a device that goes on to have a large display when reading a message that transforms to having a large keypad when typing in the text. This is what the Blackhole Phone is all about.
UPDATE: New Pics

I guess motion sensing technology is used to transform the digital screen form big screen to big keys, coz you need to reverse the phone to switch modes.

I reckon the ample keypad is good for pudgy fingers, now only if it were a QWERTY one!

Designer: Seunghan Song



Blackhole Phone Concept by Seunghan Song



  • ATEEK says:

    woooooooooooooow great concept great idea great design it’s absolutly fantastic

  • it looks like an over sized mp3 player with that round button platform.

  • marcus79 says:

    I think there will be a problem. It’s very hard to turn large phone while holding it with only one hand.
    So it probably would be like this: one hand to hold, both hands to turn, one hand to hold again…

  • J says:

    Where can I buy?

  • hydra says:

    It is a pretty concept, but not very realistic…Who wants to continuously turn a phone over and over again just to change a music album or read a text conversation?

  • Jimmy C says:

    That hole in the screen bothers me… can we just use tactile sensation instead?

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