Cooker Gets Smarter

The family structure is undergoing a massive reconstruction, and the Smart Sun Solar Cooker addresses this need by being suitable for 1-2 persons. It features solar energy and induction heating, with the top cover of the cooker being laced highly-efficient solar cells that can harness solar energy even on a cloudy day. For induction heating, the stored solar energy is utilized and the food cooks in specialized pot (3 sizes) using steam as a medium.

The smartness factor comes into play with the cooker hooking up to the net to a proposed “Samsung healthy & sustainable cooking network.” Needless to say, via the site one can upload the cooking stats and determine nutritional value of the meal.

A plausible design, till the net connection part; considering our hectic lives, I really wonder how many of us will have the time and inclination to actually determine the nutrition/health facts.

Designers: Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri for DesignQuadro

Smart Sun Solar Cooker by Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri for DesignQuadro