Cooker Gets Smarter

The family structure is undergoing a massive reconstruction, and the Smart Sun Solar Cooker addresses this need by being suitable for 1-2 persons. It features solar energy and induction heating, with the top cover of the cooker being laced highly-efficient solar cells that can harness solar energy even on a cloudy day. For induction heating, the stored solar energy is utilized and the food cooks in specialized pot (3 sizes) using steam as a medium.

The smartness factor comes into play with the cooker hooking up to the net to a proposed “Samsung healthy & sustainable cooking network.” Needless to say, via the site one can upload the cooking stats and determine nutritional value of the meal.

A plausible design, till the net connection part; considering our hectic lives, I really wonder how many of us will have the time and inclination to actually determine the nutrition/health facts.

Designers: Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri for DesignQuadro

Smart Sun Solar Cooker by Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri for DesignQuadro







  • Lamah says:

    Energy doesn’t work like that

  • J Dizzle says:

    LOL the B.S. meter just peaked so hard it exploded. Not only could this NOT function as a result of solar power, why would you suggest it?
    Modern kitchens are indoor. Roofs have a funny way of filtering solar power. If you’re suggesting solar power for third world applications, then why the hell would you suggest that it connects to the internet? Yes, I’m so sure they’re worried about nutritional value in Africa where they have wireless internet and they check their email daily.

  • Confucius says:

    Here’s a simple 3 step process for considering design feasibility: Stop, hold that thought, complete.

  • Beautiful design and smart functionality!


    It is very inefficient to convert solar energy into only electricity and re-heat it. That would make the product grandly expensive and convert barely 5% of the energy – like using a light bulb to heat a whole pan!

    Perhaps a better idea would be to make the top as a coil circulating a suitable oil-vacuum mix, refrigerant gas at say 75 PSI pressure at room temperature or thermic fluid, which would be heated by the sun and passed on to a lower coil that would heat the vessel.

    Do try it and let me know.

  • High tech in cooking. What an age of wonders!
    The name Smart Sun is not appropriate.

  • High tech in cooking. What an age of wonders!
    The name Smart Sun is not appropriate.

  • bindiya says:

    i want to no smart sun solar cooker how to gat?

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