To Shave All Areas

Yes if you, too, would love to evolve and cut off all that hair you’ve got on your body, you gorilla person, then you’ll be glad to know there’s now one SINGLE tool to do it all. The “All Area” shaver by designer Jonas Buck. Take this info from a couple of Ken dolls and discover for yourself what hair goes and what hair stays.

So first – the Ken Dolls. They are standing there in all their glory with dots all over them. The dots represent the survey results of 13 students (college aged and older,) male and female. What these students were asked was to show where they feel a MALE person should shave.

That’s not to say this lovely monster couldn’t work on a lady, but this was the first target. The results of this survey told designer Jonas Buck that most people cut hair off more than one place on their body pretty often. Thus: the “All Area.” It’s a razor and a trimmer in one, plus it’s got lovely length attachments to be used on longer hair. Everything you could want with a really nice-n-cute power button.

I foresee no problems!

UPDATE! We have a problem! …JK just a little mistake on my part as the publisher of this post. Take a look at this note from Mr. Buck:

The Ken Dolls were actually a poster that we used as a fun way to get people engaged in our questionnaire. The respondents placed those dots on the poster themselves. In that way it was a dynamic visualization of the progress of our research and a teaser to get more people engaged at the same time.

We asked roughly 100 hundred people out of the target group. The whole research questionnaire was conducted by the project group consisting of 13 students.

Even better!

Designer: Jonas Buck


All Area Shaver by Jonas Buck





(Don’t you just LOVE that doll chart?! I can’t get over it!)