Cool Catty Eyes Are Better Than Designer Shades

Imagine the soccer ball aiming straight for your eyes instead of the net. It sure is not the best day to show-off your new Armani shades. Crash, Bam and broken shards of designer glasses! Easy remedy anyone? Safer and wiser to use: The Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens that are NOT COSMETIC, but act like sunglasses. Shades of green, yellow, red and grey prim your eyes up and offer sunglasses protection without the risk of injury. Oh, n keep the volume low when you watch that video; I got nothing for torn eardrums right now!

Designers: Jin-young Yoon, Jun-kyo Lee & Young-ho Lee

[youtube: 468 344]

Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens by Jin-young Yoon, Jun-kyo Lee & Young-ho Lee







  • KwangErn says:

    Are there such clip-on shades for ordinary glasses?

  • really revolution,
    but people will have colored eyes?
    is not strange?


  • ENA says:

    WOW unbelievable.
    Fantastic Visual .

    Can I buy it?

  • J Dizzle says:

    What? Without the risk of injury?

    I’d sooner “see” a nice pair of Armani shades be destroyed by a projectile or ball rather than take one in the eye while I’m wearing a contact lense.

    THERE’S something that could cause REAL injury!

    And who plays sports in expensive sunglasses? That’s what the cheap sunglasses are for…

  • Chris Durst says:

    How is this different than the Nike/Bausch and Lomb MaxSight contacts that came out a few years ago? I believe they had grey, red, and amber, with different tints being used for different sports (ie enhanced contrast for tennis, being able to see the seams on a baseball better).

  • Tzeals says:

    it looks good may be I should try this

  • Confucius says:

    I thought of a similar idea years ago, contact lens ‘sunglasses’ mainly for people wanting a tan with out the sunglass marks. Good to see it developed more…

  • Curious says:

    How can I order these?

  • tonykoay says:

    very interesting writing and movies, thank for the infos.

  • Maxim Poulin says:

    What is the price of the product?

  • brandy says:

    I have sevre photophobia and have been looking for this type of product every where nike use to make some thing like this but they quit selling it where can i buy these lenses

  • PT says:

    I love this – exactly what ive been looking for. Id be happy to test/demonstrate and market on the PGA tour …

  • Tom says:

    Can these be ordered? I have a pair of Nike Maxsights and they are a god send. Nike stopped making them and I have been searching for another set.


  • drpie says:

    i want to try your contact lens. where can i buy it?

  • drpie says:

    i want to try your contact lens. where can i buy it?

  • soccer says:

    where can i buy these??

  • soccer says:

    where can i buy these??

  • angela says:

    Are these for sale yet? I play softball and I was thinking about this idea and wanted to see if I could find anything! How much are these and where can I find them if they are for sale!

  • debfiend says:

    i’d like contacts that are the same green and wavelength filtering as the green shades I wear over my prescription glasses to protect my eyes when I’m running the lasers at work.

  • Chester says:

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