Touch Feely Navigation

Touch & Go is a navigation system for the blind folks to make them autonomous in the “outside world”. A combo of a hand gadget with earpiece, the system is a wearable navigator with a tactile display that shows the directions as a relief map. The scale used is 1:1000 and plum in the center of it is the user’s position. An arrow indicates the direction the user has to move in and auditory support is provided via the earphone (fitted with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver). The main device fastens to the back of the hand, it’s quite convenient to carry it around.

Designer: Natalia Ponomareva

Touch & Go Navigation System For The Blind by Natalia Ponomareva

Touch & Go Navigation System For The Blind by Natalia Ponomareva 2

Touch & Go Navigation System For The Blind by Natalia Ponomareva 3


Touch & Go Navigation System For The Blind by Natalia Ponomareva 4










  • confucius says:

    13 ‘slides’ Yanko, thats a record for one concept innit?!

  • Shameister says:

    I like the design!

  • Shameister says:

    I like the design!
    Ooops, should have said good post! Waiting for your next post!

  • Jake says:

    Dear Yanko, this looks like it would be a great invention to show on The New Inventors program. Do you know if Natalia is an Australian resident?

    • Nataly says:

      Jake, thanks a lot for your comment, of course i’d be glad to take part in such show, but i live in Russia.

  • chris says:

    Cool, but kind of seems like selling a GPS to a blind person, how are they supposed to know if theyre off course or not? i know if i make one small mistake with my gps it freaks out and keeps telling me to make a u-turn as soon as possible, even when i know im going the right way

  • This is an interesting idea, especially because of the moving membrane technology that provides live tactical feedback. I’ve been working on a concept for people with low vision (although it could be used by other people who need navigation assistance). See my portfolio page

    I’m interested to know your reasoning behind choosing the size of your form, as using a braille map seems to be rather cumbersome. What are some of your findings from research?


    • Nataly says:

      Thank you for the link, really smart concept.

      As for your qestion: yes, it was quiet difficult to find the balance between dimension and efficiency. I can’t say that this project has elaborated researching base. The only thing i could afford was permanent consulting with the blind person i know by myself. It allowed me to test some moot points.

      • Vincent says:


        It is indeed a great design for the blind, when they go out. I can image there are lots of stuff you should finish, hardware, tactile map, gps data, audio information,bluetooth connection,etc… Have you finish all of those functions? I am also working on tactile map right now. Here is a large project by Germany government for tactile device,
        Hope hearing from you.

        Best wishes,

        • Nataly says:

          Thank you for appreciation, it’s really important for me especially from people who deep into this theme.
          It was a project i graduated with, and i don’t have any investments so it would be rather difficult to finish it off. ecouse no one even interested in it)
          Probably i’ll do it just for myself, and i’ll keep your remarks in mind, thanks for them. But, anyway most likely it will never be realized.

      • Natalia says:

        Hello, Nataly! Is it also yours?

        • Nataly says:

          Yes it mine), actually i didn’t now, that they published it, so it’s real surprise for me

  • Nuvi 885t says:

    Great design, it looks high-tech and clean.

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