This flexible laptop could completely revolutionize the computer category

There’s nothing more disruptive than a product that challenges the presence of multiple markets. Meet the Paysage, a conceptual computing device that targets both laptop and desktop users with a unique hybrid design. Its design features a two-part construction – the main CPU, which sits within the keyboard-unit (like most laptops), and the screen, which rather than resting on the top of the keyboard, comes with a flexible construction that wraps around the top and the bottom, sandwiching the keyboard in between. The image above should fairly help illustrate what I mean.

This unique build is what sets the Paysage apart. Flip open half the screen and you’ve got yourself a standard laptop/netbook, equipped with a keyboard, trackpad, four USB-C ports, an Aux input, and its dedicated speakers. However, things get interesting when you realize that the entire keyboard unit detaches from the screen completely, leaving you with a much larger flexible display that you can open out and mount on a tabletop stand, giving you a desktop experience complete with a massive elevated screen and an external keyboard.

The Paysage was originally envisioned nearly a decade ago (and subsequently covered on YD too), and it’s only with recent advancements in flexible OLED displays that the Paysage seems more real. In its latest iteration, designer Kevin Depape details out the device further, with magnetic fixtures, connecting cables, and an overall design that seems like something Microsoft could pull off if they tried. A Surface DeskBook perhaps?!

Designer: Kevin Depape