The Most Advanced Creative Controller for Photoshop

This is a product that all of you avid photographers and designers won’t want to miss! The TourBox has been designed with efficiency and fluidity at the forefront of the brief. This state-of-the-art method of editing frees the user of the painfully tedious and repetitive tasks of retouching and altering brushes, allowing them to concentrate on the things that really matter!

The fully customizable device allows the user to tailor the controls to suit their needs and preferences; from rapidly editing the photographs in Lightroom to retouching them in Photoshop, their working style can be catered for! The seamless integration into the intense workflow of editing allows for a far more fluid process, with on-the-go brush size, flow and opacity settings rights at their fingertips!

All of this has been packed into an ergonomic package that features a sturdy design that’s compact enough to tuck directly into a backpack… making for a great travel companion!

Designer: Tour Technology

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TourBox is the most advanced creative controller for Photoshop, Lightroom, SAI, and other image processing softwares. It is specifically designed for photographers and designers who want to improve their work efficiency and experience a new state-of-the-art method for editing content.

No more extra keystrokes or moving back and forth to complete complicated key combinations. TourBox is intuitively designed to work with your mouse and your tablet. Easily and simultaneously control the size, flow, opacity, and hardness of your brush while you work, so that you can stay focused on creativity.

TourBox is specifically designed from a user perspective. The ergonomic hands-on layout provides quick access to commonly used controls, TourBox provides a complete solution for your entire workflow.

Optimize Creative Performance with Customized Shortcuts

TourBox is a fully customizable device. In addition to Photoshop, Lightroom, or PaintTool SAI, our product will further integrate recommended presets for other popular software such as Capture One, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and a many others. Of course, you can also adapt any knob, dial, button or even a combination of them to the shortcuts you choose to suit any software. Create your own presets to customize your TourBox to best fit your own personal workflow!


1000 Times Engine Tuning

With the Engine Tuning capability, TourBox can provide an incredible user-friendly experience at all times. All components are carefully calibrated for different functional scenarios. Whether it’s a knob, a roller, or a turntable, each of their rotations is exactly what you expect, and the speed, acceleration, and accuracy are all controlled exactly the way you want. Tourbox’s engine has been tuned over a thousand times to make workflows smooth and natural.


Get Creative Anytime & Anywhere

TourBox is ready to use anytime and anywhere. No learning curve. Just plug it in and go, you’ll never want to go back to keyboards. It works with Windows and MacOS and the palm-size compact design allows you to take it anywhere easily.


Click here to Buy Now: $99 $139 (33% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!