Bookshelf PC by Sungho Son & Scott Shim

The “Bookshelfa concept computer eliminates most common problems in the multi-media entertainment business today; digital content copyrights and inconvenient accessibility. The “Bookshelf” operates with add on hardware attachments supplied by digital service providers which controls the copyright issues but still accommodate convenience and portability that is expected from computer users of today. As the users acquire hardware attachments from digital service providers of their choice, the “Bookshelf” expands into a multi -media library. Each individual hardware attachment is configured to download and play contents and also moderate copyrights. The concept envisions a new infra-structure of digital media and how consumers will interact with them in the near future. Addition to its’ stationary use, hardware attachments may be pulled off the shelf to be used elsewhere.

Designer: Sungho Son & Scott Shim