This design truly pushes the iPhone’s capability to the next level! The Home Ultrasound Device aims to enhance the pregnancy experience directly from your phone. Connected to the iPhone, the device can capture ultrasound images of an unborn baby and allows rapid sharing with doctors, family members and friends within seconds over wifi or its built in printer. On top of all that, the device also doubles as a baby monitor after the little one comes home!

Designer: Jung Jun Hwang


  • Jimmy C says:

    Very nice!

  • Dad says:

    Bad Idea. There’s no proof yet that ultrasound doesn’t affect unborn babies, resulting in pain, which is the reason why its use is very limited and reserved to professionals during pregnancy.

    The fact that we do not ear them as adults doesn’t mean the child doesn’t. Ultrasound echography is something that should never leave the doctor’s office.

    • Mariah says:

      There is proof that ultrasound does not affect unborn babies. There were many many studies done on this before ultrasound was widely implemented. The frequencies used in medical sonography are WELL above what humans are capable of hearing, even as fetuses. Humans can hear up to 20kHz. Diagnostic ultrasound uses frequencies between 2 and 12 MHz. The reason exams are limited is because they are SO expensive and the equipment used in doctors offices is worth millions of dollars which is why only trained professionals are allowed to use it. Also, echocardiography is the branch of medical sonography that evaluates the heart.

  • Rob says:

    This is merely an exercise in style. I’m not sure if the product fits in well with the Philips line of home electronics, but I assume that was the core purpose for this project. Good student work, although I’d have opted not to go with the orange leaders.

  • Joe says:

    Nice product. What kind of batteries?

  • tam says:

    i want one where do i get it. Thanks

  • Jessica says:

    exactly! Ultrasound use is risky and shouldn’t be done routinely, let alone at home with your phone.

    • Mariah says:

      Actually, ultrasound is not risky. Unlike x-ray technology, ultrasound uses no ionizing radiation (meaning it cannot cause cancer or anything else). The sound wave frequencies used in ultrasound have no known side effects.

  • kdt says:

    http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/ultrasoundrodgers.asp but according to some studies, frequent ultrasound is linked to autism

    • Mama2Five says:

      Spreading of this kind of propaganda is sad. I have 5 children. I have a problem with my uterus that has caused me to get routine ultra sounds routinely each pregnancy. I have a set if 8 year old not identical twins. One has autism and one doesn’t. We had to get genetic testing to see what the diagnosis was for my autism son. Autism has genetic markers. Meaning autism is in your genetic make up in the egg and sperm from both parents. Period. I was told that 1 out 4 chance that my grandchildren will have autism from any one if my 5 children. That us GENETIC. stop believing lies, stop spreading wrong information. Research, investigate, and support Autisum Awareness. Proud Mom if a son on the spectrum.

    • TH says:

      AUTISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ULTRASOUND!!! Please stop spreading this ridiculous and scientifically unfpunded lie!!! I am a trained, licenced Sonographer, and we save so many fetal and maternal lives with Ultrasound, you have no idea what you are talking about. At it’s highest power, ultrasound emits as much radiation as a 60 watt light bulb. Exposing human tissue at the highest frequencies and intemsities for hours and HOURS on end (not even close to the conditions in a normal study) barely causes the formation of microbubbles in fluid that STILL have no biological effect. We have Thermalandmechanical indicies on the display that show us the tempertaure of the area we are scanning and the mechanical effect of the sound wave are within acceptable range. No fetus has every been harmed by ultrasound, but let me tell you, we have found hundreds of pathologies that were found in time to be corrected, or to ensure a mom had a normal healthy labor where everyone gets out alive.

      The Naturopathic and Hollistic medicine community is causing so many problems for the Conventional medical community, peopleare DYING because they are refusing harmless tests and good medicical treatments that could save their lives ! STOP SPREADING THESE LIES BECAUSE PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM!!!

      We have this amazing diagnostic tool in this incredible age of advanced medicine that is saving lives every day, and you reject it like some close minded, backward dark-ages thinker. Believe the lies and die if you must, but do not desseminate unthruths!!

      The babies enjoy ultrasound, and will even turn to the transducer because they enjoy the interaction. They do not have Ultrasonic hearing in the womb! They are humans who hear in the human range of kilohertz. We have high risk mothers who are scanned every week throughout their pregnancies who give birth to normal babies!! I scan my own pregnany belly occassionally on my lunch break, and have had no ill effects. In fact I’ve captured images of my baby smiling many times because she enjoys it. She is NOT IN PAIN!!!!

      Please educate yourselves people – go for your ultrasounds, enjoy them and feel secure in the fact you and your baby baby are safe.

  • Elizabeth says:

    If you want to bring up the autism debate- anything and everything causes autism. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I have seen stories of mothers completely blaming themselves for their child being autistic. They’re psycho! Sorry people- science hasn’t been able to pinpoint a cause of it. Fact is though that ultrasound does not harm the developing fetus and as far as being used at home, who knows. I know I hate having to wait to be able to see my little girl and I’ve only had 3 so far. Besides, I know most women do more dangerous stuff than have a few extra ultrasounds. So to all the women that blame themselves and little stuff for autism- quit and just enjoy the blessing that your child is. And get over it and stop blaming everything and everyone.

  • Courtney0921 says:

    How much is this device?

  • FV says:

    Ultrasound is known to cause tissue heating, which a developing fetus is more sensitive to. I can just see people now…sitting at home looking at their babies for hours on end…frying the crap out of their kids.

  • Emily says:

    How are you going to suggest that such images obtained at home using an entertainment device could be used as diagnostic medical ultrasound? I hope I god not being suggested that this device can replace the registered, trained sonographers who work in MFM or perform anatomy scans to ensure my baby is whole and healthy.

  • mynor de leon says:

    seseo adquirir uno de estos accesorios de ultrasonido cual es su precio y como lo envian

  • mynor de leon says:

    cual es el precio y como lo envian

  • Court says:

    It’s really amazing that such an amazing invention could get such a bad rap from people. Yet, most great inventions were that way at first. I think this is amazing! If I could see my baby and share those photos then why not be able to do that freely. People go to school to learn how to read what’s being show on the screen, not how to move the little thing around on the belly. I hope this continues on to become a real consumer product!

  • Daniel says:

    Where can I get this?!

  • Lesley biddle says:

    please can you tell me where I can buy one

  • Lc says:

    Where can I get this ??????????!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann Huda says:

    Hi, May I know how much the price?

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