Tenting Up A Kayak

Next trip to the lake, don’t carry a tent to pitch, instead hire out an ingenious Kahuna. This is an open top outrigger kayak that converts into a tent with ease. It features a Mirage Drive pedal/crank mechanism designed by Hobie Kayaks, plus an ordinary paddle to assist in maneuvering the boat. Detachable, folding seats make way for spacious comfy interiors, when pitched as a tent. The all-in-one takes away the bother of carrying extra loads.

The outrigger hosts all your camping gear; a screen cloth mounts between the bars of the outrigger to serve as a base for the tent, similar to a camp bed.

To support the leg movement of the Mirage Drive a special detachable seat with a high back and a strong Lombard section has been especially develop.

Overall I would say it’s a neat concept, but since I’m not a camping-freak I wouldn’t know how effective this pitch would be.

Designer: Mario Weiss

Kahuna Adventure Tent Kayak by Mario Weiss

Kahuna Adventure Tent Kayak by Mario Weiss 2






This is a James Dyson Award Entry, You can vote for it here.


  • Jeremy says:

    Great idea! I’d love to try it out for ya.
    One thought, the bottom of the boat hulls might get too much damage from resting on the beach as you move about in the tent. How about including some mats to put under them?

    • M.S.W. says:

      Perhaps instead of including mats. Have the haul be inflateable kevlar air bladders.

      One other item to add would be some tie down points to either the hull or ten structure to be able to anchor it down in case of cross-winds.

  • cra says:

    i like this idea, we used to do this as kids and camp in flooded mangroves, awesome fun. but i agree with jeremy, i wouldnt want to damage my loverly nice new hulls so i would put thought into this. and you would absolutly want to tie it down somehow.
    i like it

  • Jimmy C says:

    Where are you going to put that side hull when you’re kayaking? It’s not going to help you when you paddle.

  • shari says:

    where can I get one in Canada

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