Plus Chair Plus

Looks like a cut out of a stairwell! And what are stairs good for? Putting things on. The “+Chair”, designed by So Young Park, is basically a place for putting some candles on. But don’t start your hair on fire. Maybe some books are a better idea! Also the chair comes apart at all the edges, so it can be transported quite easily.

The tiny extra step near the head of the chair adds a whole’nother dimension that can hold any number of things: books, a big pillow, a bunch of marbles. While you’re here, take a look at the rest of the chairs we’ve got here at Yanko Design.

Oh I know! You could put your whiskey there!

Designer: So Young Park

+Chair by So Young Park 01

+Chair by So Young Park 02

+Chair by So Young Park 03


  • karl says:

    not convinced, looks uncomfortable and that fabric across the back doesn’t look like it comes apart easily at the edges unless there is a pair of scissors involved.

  • Confucius says:

    Chris stairs aren’t good for putting stuff on?! your feet maybe..! This looks so uncomfortable…

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