This alarm clock mimic’s the sun’s placement in the sky so you can always wake up energized!

It’s not for everyone, but there’s nothing like waking up with the sun. Since getting out of bed with the sunrise is seen by some as only a sport reserved for the masochists among us, there are some alternative product designs that offer the same rejuvenated early-morning feeling, but don’t strain your eyes in the process. Incorporating the sunrise and sunset into an alarm clock’s digital facade, designer Yu Zechen came up with Sveglia Luce.

Zechen conceived Sveglia Luce in two shapes: one round and the other rectangular. Imitating the orbit around the globe, Sveglia Luce’s circular shape mimics a sunrise and sunset behind rows of mountain summits and a foggy horizon. Throughout the day, as time goes by, the illuminated sun travels the circumference of Sveglia Luce’s facade indicating the actual sun’s position in our skies. Zechen’s rectangular alarm clock still uses an illuminated sun as the clock’s main imagery, but instead of following the sun’s orbit around Earth and its position in the sky, it mimics a sunrise and sunset as viewed from a head-on perspective. Complete with alarm capabilities, night and day modes, as well as volume adjusters, Sveglia Luce blends a conventional alarm clock with an artful display.

In addition to the alarm clock’s imitative digital display, an accompanying scheduling app allows users to set their alarms remotely and taps into the same display as the physical clock, with changing home screens that project the sun’s placement in the sky. Now, no matter how late we sleep in, we can say we woke up with the sun.

Designer: Yu Zechen

As time goes on, the illuminated sun projection travels around the clock’s circumference indicating its real position in the sky.

A soft, optic white front display resembles those early, foggy mornings when the sun is still reaching its peak.

A rectangular display offers a similar projection, only displaying the sun’s placement when seen head-on.

An accompanying scheduling app allows users to control their clock even when they’re away from it.

The app also incorporates digital simulations of the sun’s placement in the sky.