Nissan Concept Car Goes Flowery

Imagine yourself in a FernGully-like leaf vehicle, chairs enough for you, your betrothed, and a single animal friend. This is almost exactly what you’ve got here in the Nissan NUVU concept car. … I mean if you close your eyes and imagine, of course. In reality, the outsides of this car, along with the insides to much greater extent, are uniquely elemental to a degree that will make you think you drove right out of elvendom on Earth.

First, the outside. Looks a lot like a Smart car. The big difference being the nearly-totally transparent top. The wheels are pretty much standard, but then again, look at the doorknobs. They are flowers! Take a look inside at the steering wheel for a closer look at what the flowers do.

Inside we’ve got a little tree-house, basically. The roof is held up by a branch in the center, the lines from top to bottom: organic. Three sears and a shelf space. Massive utilization of the space.

Too flowery? Or totally beautiful?

Designer: Creative Box

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 02

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 03

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 04

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 05

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 06

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 07

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 08

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 09

Nuvu Concept Car by Creative Box 10


  • M.S.W. says:

    I can easily see this coming in a “LadyBug” theme…

  • Mary says:

    I’m just glad to see more cars that fit the 2 people plus 1 animal format. Why are most of the cars in the US built around the 4+ adult format anyway?

    • jl says:

      Because of the atomic family paradigm that presumed 1 mother + 1 father + 2 kids + 1 pet + white picket fence.

  • tk says:

    assume its based on the micra which i hate cause the damn headlights blind oncoming traffic cause they’re so damned high.

  • That car has Good Space May Be that could Give better mileage and It could also Be green But Flowery Thats Not For Mens, The Design Is quite feminine i dont wish to drive this car i would better drive a Old BEETLE

  • snoop says:

    i think its great… a skull instead of the flower and i take it =)

  • eboy says:

    intresting does nissan have the balls to actually make it though!

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