Better Than The Innovention’s Dream Home Kitchen

Wishful thinking for a home like the Disney Innovention is futile coz Neverland brought Michael only grief! It’s safer to sit on the fence and review similar concepts while hoping technology will sustain the efforts one day. For example, this N1 Robot Table 2012 (farfetched?) can give the kitchen table found in the Innoventions home a run for its money. It’s got stuff like touchscreen, built-in camera, internet connectivity, speed dial, music, recipes, screens, energy consumption meter, etc. The question is how many of us would want to just admire such concepts and how many would actually go out and buy something like this?

It’s got the promise of being The Central Hub of your home, but tell me, do you want multiple gadgets at home or would something all-in-one suffice for you?

I would love something all-in-one but I’d be weary of it all conking-off together! Imagine, phone, computer, net, TV all out-of-order at one go!

Designer: Doyeop Kim

N1 Robot Table For The Future by Doyeop Kim