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Unlike the Beagle scarf-hoodie, SQUEASE is a jacket kinda haven for folks with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Fashionable and with-it, the jacket allows the wearer to apply deep pressure to their body, so that they can calm themselves and get over the sudden rush of anxiety. The integrated headphones reduce the sound level of high frequency noises like alarm bells or the sound of chairs scraping on a floor; soothing those with hypersensitive hearing. A comfortable cocoon for those with ASD, the SQUEASE is a smart looking jacket and not just therapy aid.

Designers: Sheraz Arif, Andy Brand, Menno Kroezen & Katrien Ploegmakers

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SQUEASE Garment For Autistic Spectrum Disorder by Sheraz Arif, Andy Brand, Menno Kroezen & Katrien Ploegmakers



  • Bernard says:

    Great relevant design!

  • Bep says:

    …why is the kid wearing old man shoes…?

  • Adam says:

    My parents are both behavioral therapists and specialize in ASD. This is a great design addressing an incredibly key concept for ASD patients. Current weight vests are akin to life preservers or those lead vests they use when you get x-rays.

    This solution could potentially increase the mainstream functioning of ASD patients in society, as well as decrease the burden on the mental health system and families of ASD patients.

  • Nate says:

    Where can I get one?

  • Izaak Mohling says:

    Good luck getting an autistic kid to use one. When I was little, my parents were barely able to get a lead vest on me, and had to resort to things more like weighted blankets.

  • Raya says:

    Please tell me where to get one. My ASD child just saw this video and desperately wants one. – Most days he wants to wear his hoodies- and this would be awesome for him.


    • Katrien says:

      Hi Raya,

      Unfortunatelly the garment is not for sale yet. We are working hard to get the project tot he next level. We are always interested to get feedback from teenagers and parents to improve the design. Let me know when you’re interested to get involved.

      Take care, Katrien

  • nadja janssens says:

    can you stay in touch to let us know when en where the jacket for childeren with ads will be fore sale. thanks Nadja

  • Kateleen says:

    My son, teenager of 15 with ASD, told me this morning he had found the jacket he would wear (because he’s never willing to wear a jacket). A problem we’ve to deal with every year (and again winter is coming)

    If you’re still looking for feedback from an ASD-teenager, my son is interested to support the project.

    Can you please keep us informed about the project-evolution.

  • Ellen says:

    Please keep us posted when the jacket will be for sale. (Or the head-set seperatly).
    We travel a lot and airport-noises, stations, restrooms etc. keep on being a reasons for distressed feelings.

  • jane says:

    i don’t think i’m autistic, but one of these would definitely be comforting… and i want one.

  • Christopher says:

    Both I and my 14 y/o son could use these jackets. I think him more than me. We both have ASD and just this year he’s been avoiding jackets whenever he can.

  • hugoagogo says:

    i love it, its a fantastic idea, it will greatly improve the comfort and anxiety amongst children with ASD and will allow them to go out more. but even more wonderful is the fact that the idea is so appealing, that even myself, a mainstream teenager would enjoy wearing the garment, which if there is a larger audience of children and teens wearing it and not just those with ASD then it will create an even better social environment. without the garment becoming an identifier of a child with ASD it will be a garment pretty much anyone would enjoy and that will give the most comfort to those it is designed for. it will give these kids a chance to get out and have a fair chance with our everyday society.

  • we need one asap! do we know a sale price yet?

  • Squease says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

    A lot has happened since we first developed the concept and it looks like the product will be in production soon.

    You can keep updated with news on our website. ” target=”_blank”>



  • Laura Shepherd says:

    Hi MY son is a teenage boy with autism and will only wear hoodies so this squease jacket would be great for him please let me know when they become available to buy we will be first on list thanks great invention laura

  • Squease says:

    Hi Laura,

    They should be ready by October. If you leave details on the website then we can keep you updated.


  • Jimmy C says:

    You might want to have the headphones built into the hood. Having it directly on their ears might block out too much sound.

  • Sharon Pehush says:

    This product seems wonderful. What happened with it? Were there business / red tape trouble preventing this from proceeding? Thank you. I would definitely assist in advocating for this product it help is needed.

  • Squease says:

    No not at all.

    We focused on the compression part more than the other features and have been selling them for two years now.

    You can take a look at www squeasewear com to see what the project has become.



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