What is ACK?

“ACK?” – is a signal used in computing to indicate acknowledgement of receipt of a packet, and also a common exclamation of surprise but it’s also the title of the installation that represents the vision of the Milanese practice Pierandrei Associati for which the human space is no longer characterized by a rational juxtaposition of components but by a forest of suspended bamboo and metal tubing.

There’s a whole lot of esoteric rhyme and reason why this exhibit exists but the main gist is a series of sounds naturally reverberating off the hollow tubes of bamboo and metal as you bump into them. You get lost in this world on dynamic sound and light. Perceptions change as I’m sure any would crashing into a bunch of hollow tubes, but the sensorial data stimulates different emotions and connections you share with other visitors in the exhibit. Think of it as a wondrous interactive labyrinth where nature meets technology. Visitors can even leave personal messages on the tubes – the proverbial “I was here!”

The exhibition was on display during Salone del Mobile for Tecno (office furniture) but I’m not sure if you can still see it. Let me put this on my to-do list.

Designer: Pierandrei Associati