Levitating Ball Is Actually A Projector

Geist Projector thinks itself to be a levitating fakir, but sadly it’s not! The magic happens coz of the electromagnetic field, which makes the “projector ball” levitate on the base. This gives an almost unlimited amount of mobility to the image projection field. The system keeps audio-visual reproduction as priority and thus is compatible with the multitude of recording formats available in the market. The projector base splits up into 4 parts and consists of the speakers, battery pack, input slots and card slots. Take a look at the detailed slides inside for all the info.

Designers: Flavio Nazario, Jenni Moreno and Tati Vieira








Geist Projector for Multimedia by Flavio Nazario, Jenni Moreno and Tati Vieira



  • M.S.W. says:

    Over all the design is visually interesting. The electromagnetic ball joint concept is nice visual experience, albeit at the cost of very power consuming while it’s operating. Instead of using 2 of those plug-in batteries the entire quarter section of the “bagel” shaped base should be the battery unit. In doing so the volume of the section could be filled with the power gel increaseing power capacity much higher. It would also reduce part count (no docking slots/internalwiring) and reduce production cost. Also the visual appeal would be enhanced on the power section because it would now be completely smooth and more visually match the speaker sections. Production costs could also be brought down further by using one mold style for the base units instead of the current two. Using one tab end and one slot end of each section. The flash card slot should be in located inside with the A/V ports under the cover, in doing so it would make it easier & cheaper to produce as well as smooth out the appearance of the unit. One final note on the render simulating the video projector in operation. The ambiant light should be turned down to be very dim light, since the micro/pico projector units in design are very low lumens the current render makes them appear to be high lumen capable.

  • Eric Foor says:

    The floating part makes it cool on it’s own. I don’t believe the technology exists, but getting it to float around the room would make it much more of a considerable buy IMO.

    I agree with M.S.W. on the visual appearance, it looks very sleek and would be good decoration as well as function. Nice job.

  • Carl says:

    the ball must be completely motionless for the duration of the operation. otherwise the screen will massively jump about for ages before it settles. like if you nock a hanging chair or ripple on water.

    if your dog nocks it or even when it levitates im not sure the screen will be still. this out does any cool for me. if it were a speaker no problem, as the magnetism would dampen any unwanted vibrations. as for a projector i am far from convinced.

    a less than half baked idea, no testing to back it up and flawed. not a nice job.

  • thecar3nthusiast says:

    I really like the idea! If this gets into homes sometime in the future that would be absolutely fantastic!!

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