This zero-gravity reclining workstation could liberate us from the shackles of back and neck pain

In the ever-changing office environment and work-from-home setups, the fundamental structure of chairs and tables has remained remarkably unaltered, culminating in vertical pressure on the spine. Of course, standing desks lend a helping hand, but that’s not too exciting for the lazy ones like me.

A pathbreaking progress for ones like me was made with the LEVUS, a chair featuring a distinct laid-back design. This innovative solution presented a reclined work arrangement; however, it seems, that was just the beginning! A Michigan-based furniture manufacturer, ErgoQuest, has transcended all boundaries to introduce an even more astonishing creation: the ZGW-0b zero-gravity reclining workstation.

Designer: ErgoQuest

This new workstation is engineered to liberate us from the shackles of back and neck pain, reigniting productivity with the choice of customizable adjustments. It is a solution designed to facilitate work in positions all the way from zero degrees to upright, ninety degrees.

Central to this innovation is the ErgoQuest ZGC-1 motorized chair surrounded by a robust steel mast capable of accommodating up to three 34-inch monitors. Those who seek the pinnacle of multitasking can mount a fourth monitor. Enhancing the workstation’s functionality further are two side tables, providing room for your essential tools and laptop(s).

ZGW-0b pays meticulous attention to comfort and convenience by adding in a padded wrap-around keyboard tray. ErgoQuest ZGC-1 chair’s motorized recline and a motorized leg rest offer the laziest amid us a workstation to reckon their own. But for the price tag of $6,595, it may just be out of the reach of… well it’s anybody’s guess! Weighing 650 pounds, ZGW-0b is a gateway to a new way of working, one that upholds the future of laziness in the name of postural wellness and enhanced productivity!