Mighty Big Vase!

For the VIVID FESTIVAL in the land Down Under, designer Warren Langley had the installation Vessel of (Horti) Cultural Plenty showcased. Fashioned as this huge pot with plenty of illuminated flowers in it, the installation was smart enough to utilize 84 strand lateral emission fiber optic cables and just three low energy metal halide globes, 450W in total, to create almost 200m of linear light. What was even smarter was the construction of the vessel: vandal resistant materials like galvanized steel & laminated sheet iron and plywood. It must have been a spectacular sight to see.

Designer: Warren Langley





  • Lelia Thomas says:

    Such a cool set of ideas. Pity that the camera used to capture them wasn’t too good; there’s so much noise, even in these small photos. 🙁

    • VoReason says:

      Thats part of the aesthetic appeal. Artsy if you will. While life scurries on around it, it sits there quitly beautiful and motionless.

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