In The Mood For Some Candles

Dimmers be damned; nothing quite sets the mood for some romance than candles. Setting them up safely is another big question. Ah, solution-time: Candle.amp Mood Lights, of course.
A heat resistant casing, dense material base, bottom heavy design (lowering the centre of gravity thus giving stability), polished stainless steel interior heat reflector and sustainable candles made from 100% soy bean complete this tidy package. Prop them over the place and enjoy a romantic evening….

Candle-specs include Soy ones that burn for 18 hours and are easily replaceable. The candles include a spring that keeps the wicks at a constant height; maximizing the brightness and minimizing the mess.

Turning the candles off is a fancy deal as well, its better explained in Simon’s own words:

Pressing the left button on the rear of the device rotates a refillable gas lighter component towards the wicks whilst a piezo switch ignites the fuel, creating a flame to light the candles.
Pressing the Right button rotates the snuffer, a bowl shaped component, which covers the flames and starves them of oxygen, putting out the flames with minimal smoke and no mess.

Designer: Simon Enever