In The Mood For Some Candles

Dimmers be damned; nothing quite sets the mood for some romance than candles. Setting them up safely is another big question. Ah, solution-time: Candle.amp Mood Lights, of course.
A heat resistant casing, dense material base, bottom heavy design (lowering the centre of gravity thus giving stability), polished stainless steel interior heat reflector and sustainable candles made from 100% soy bean complete this tidy package. Prop them over the place and enjoy a romantic evening….

Candle-specs include Soy ones that burn for 18 hours and are easily replaceable. The candles include a spring that keeps the wicks at a constant height; maximizing the brightness and minimizing the mess.

Turning the candles off is a fancy deal as well, its better explained in Simon’s own words:

Pressing the left button on the rear of the device rotates a refillable gas lighter component towards the wicks whilst a piezo switch ignites the fuel, creating a flame to light the candles.
Pressing the Right button rotates the snuffer, a bowl shaped component, which covers the flames and starves them of oxygen, putting out the flames with minimal smoke and no mess.

Designer: Simon Enever


  • lazy big man says:


  • matt says:

    to be quite honest, its tough to read what exactly the object is other than reading the title of the article. the renderings are not focused well to notice the product more than its surroundings

  • Keagan says:

    I found myself confused looking at these renderings as well.

    Also, is the top one really a rendering of sketches on foam core? cause thats awesome.

  • frezzingaces says:

    didnt da’vinci make something like this?. but he had a lens to focus the light from a candle so he could work during the night

  • I have been making my candles at home and using paraffin wax. Is soy wax better?

  • Hartigan says:

    Does anyone else thinks that this is over engineered?

    A couple of Tea Candles will do the trick and it will lower the price of the whole product…


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