Artistic Robots Have A Future

The year is 2058 and you’re bored of the drab walls of your home. Your change in mood is sensed and from a discreet corner a strange spider-like creature whirs into life and scampers across the wall. You’re about to shriek and then you realize there’s nothing to worry about; it’s just your handy, Artificial Intelligent artistic robot, stamping out a Mona Lisa on the wall for you. Folks, let me present to you the Da Vinci of the future: xirrou.

For some reason the robot is deemed for the far-away 2058, maybe that’s when such kind of ideas would be an everyday occurrence and acceptable! Besides being intuitive, xirrou is actually a 2-component artificial intelligent robotic system. The first component features a stamp on its lower side that measures 16 square-centimeters, allowing it to print artwork to the walls and ceilings.

Slated to be autonomous and creative, you can expect to have a mesmerizing time, watching it print out the graphics to the wall. A choice of pattern or picture can be fed to the robot; else it can dish out something groovy independently. Either ways, the robot’s software sources the art piece from the internet by buying or leasing them for a certain amount of time and printing them immediately.

The second component of xirrou carries 8 ink cartridges on its back and is hooked to the first half via an ink-supplying cable.

Each component has 5 feet mounted around the central ring and each foot has 3 servo motor powered joints. Special adaptable plates are attached to each foot that facilitates wall climbing.

An illuminate membrane at the central part of xirrou gives it a very ornamental look, making it fit comfortably in your home environment.

Now you know why painters may be out of a job in the future!

Designer: Christian Gumpold