Artistic Robots Have A Future

The year is 2058 and you’re bored of the drab walls of your home. Your change in mood is sensed and from a discreet corner a strange spider-like creature whirs into life and scampers across the wall. You’re about to shriek and then you realize there’s nothing to worry about; it’s just your handy, Artificial Intelligent artistic robot, stamping out a Mona Lisa on the wall for you. Folks, let me present to you the Da Vinci of the future: xirrou.

For some reason the robot is deemed for the far-away 2058, maybe that’s when such kind of ideas would be an everyday occurrence and acceptable! Besides being intuitive, xirrou is actually a 2-component artificial intelligent robotic system. The first component features a stamp on its lower side that measures 16 square-centimeters, allowing it to print artwork to the walls and ceilings.

Slated to be autonomous and creative, you can expect to have a mesmerizing time, watching it print out the graphics to the wall. A choice of pattern or picture can be fed to the robot; else it can dish out something groovy independently. Either ways, the robot’s software sources the art piece from the internet by buying or leasing them for a certain amount of time and printing them immediately.

The second component of xirrou carries 8 ink cartridges on its back and is hooked to the first half via an ink-supplying cable.

Each component has 5 feet mounted around the central ring and each foot has 3 servo motor powered joints. Special adaptable plates are attached to each foot that facilitates wall climbing.

An illuminate membrane at the central part of xirrou gives it a very ornamental look, making it fit comfortably in your home environment.

Now you know why painters may be out of a job in the future!

Designer: Christian Gumpold


  • Good god. That would scare the life out of me. A giant metal spider crawling over the walls of my house?! Eek!

    It IS stunning though – you could use the shape (non-moving) for something like a clock or a digital picture frame. With a circular display in the middle and possibly a remote control, you could do funky things with it.

  • Graham A. Brown says:

    This approach of the crawling robotic spider seems to me so old school. I would expect that in 2058 our wall membranes will have the ability to change their surface shape and images/colours in a more organic or interactive way. Imagine a wall that picks up on the emotions of the inhabitance of the room, imagine, if a dog or cat was in the room what about that gold fish! Now thats scary seeing your space through the eyes of your gold fish.

  • guoliu says:

    This is a good idea, but it’s a little afraid, I do not want to have the biological family. I am intimidated by the will.

  • Sean says:

    this is extremely cool!! i love the thiought of having the artificial inteligents and everything! but it is also creepy, bc when we do get that advanced, what is to say there will not be a war of robots and humans???

  • Ricardo says:

    I want one how much would one of these robots cost to purchase?

  • stephen russell says:

    Radical, but Id have them ‘active’ when Im gone or during day, TOO scary at night.
    But Unique.
    Or use for outdoors work.
    Very Cool then.
    Redo graffitti wall with New Colors.
    Way cool.
    Use AI or Remote Control

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