Fashion Glossy, Frills and Dinner Jackets

Imagine using the three in context of cupboard, seating and lighting.
Crazy? Crazed? Wonky?
Simply imaginative and creative!

Designer: Fredrik Färg

Black Flower

This is a lamp whose flexible construction lets you place it on the floor or hang it from the ceiling. The leaves are made from polyester felt and copper thread and the Lampshade is plastic.

RE:cover Chair

Frock Coats, Dinner Jackets, Victorian Era?
Nothing is as dramatic as the fact that these chairs are recycled flea-market stuff; with 100% recyclable polyester felt furnishing. Prim and Proper!

Modus:cover Cupboard

Immortalizing the fashion glossy the day you build this cupboard. Fred, hat’s off to you for this idea, and I’m sure Tyra will love you for this and maybe place an order for America’s Next Top Model House as well. Basic premise is this: take the covers of the fashion magazines and paste it on the doors of the cupboard, which is then stained in black and varnished. A secret shelf inside the cupboard hides the original magazine. This particular piece features a PLAZA magazine on an Oak cupboard. The innards are left in a natural finish.

Those going to the Milan Fair, be sure to check all of these out. And report straight back to Me!