The latest from KEHA3, the Cranberry series of outdoor lighting/seating is inspired by a word-game of the same name in the Estonian language (a resident of Jõhvi, Estonia is called a jõhvikas, also known as a cranberry!). The benches are inspired by the shape of the berry and the park lighting by the plant itself. Park lighting is based on lamps with metal reflector surfaces. These lamps are composed of a three-pointed branch, at the ends of which are red spherical volumes made of PE. Each of them contains a small 75W HIT projector with a symmetrical light shaft which, together with oval reflector surfaces, ensures a beautiful, even and hazy luminance on the sidewalks. In addition, the spherical globes themselves are separately lit by an internal LED-lamp.

On the ground, between and nearby the Cranberry lamps, there are Cranberry chair-lamps also inspired by the berries. These benches, made by rotational moulding, are a great option for gardens, balconies, beaches or city spaces as they do not require maintenance and are highly weather-resistant. The Cranberry chair can be used as a rotating lamp on sliding bearings – this composition is illuminated by a wide-light-shaft projector sunk into the ground. The chair can also be equipped with a comprehensive draining system for draining rainwater and wash water. The bench can be installed by attaching it to a hard surface, or by means of threaded anchors and bolts. When installed on sliding bearings, the chair is lighted by an independent lamp placed in the ground. As a terrace lamp, a light source connected with a cable can be placed on the shell of the seat. In the case of a non-lighted version, the chair may be filled with sand or gravel to stop it from being moved.

Designer: KEHA3