Mega Block Motorcyclin’ on Down the Line

Lines. Lines and Lines and lines. With the front face looking like a Lego, or a mega-blok. It’s the “2015 Honda CB 750” by Igor Chak. The engine is powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. POW! A six-speed dual-clutch transmission with electronic lurch and traction control. Electronic tuning by the onboard computer. I’ve decided to call it “Frank”. Hello David, Frank, aka CB750, is here to take you over the canyon top.

This 2015 Honda CB 750 is a predecessor to the 1970s-80s CB (pictured below.) It’s basically exactly the same, as you can see, except it has some computers on it.

Computers! Controlling the tuning. Is that madness? What else we got here… frame and body is a unibody contstruction combining carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. Seat cowling is part of the frame, allowing it to carry heavy boys and gals: up to 300lbs.

Front and rear electro-magnetic suspension adjusted, you guessed it; electronically. Sensors show readouts updating every 1/10 a second and can adjust everything on-the-fly. ABS, airbag, and steering damper. Rims designed to be sleek and aerodynamic. Radar technology to “sense an upcoming head-on collision and will automatically slow the bike.” – most of these features can be manually disabled to suit the driver.

Now, the on board computer, which can be controlled through a 5” OLED multi-touch display positioned right on the fuel tank. This is the brains of the bike. There are 3 menus: GPS, Drive modes, diagnostics mode.

GPS mode is like your standard GPS that will give you directions and etc, but it will be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and 3G. This will enable you to find information on the go and implement it to your rout.

Drive mode: economy, race and standard. All can be electronically tuned.

Diagnostic mode: lap times, gas consumption, top speed and etc.

Me bikey.

Designer: Igor Chak