Visualizing the Peanut Gallery

Whom amongst you partakes in the art of search engine optimization and general internets traffic-directing? How’s your web-page doing? I’m sure a lot of you use such as Google Analytics or whatnot. But what if you want a giant bowl-clock with pretty amazing lights that help you visualize your traffic fate? It’s big and crazy and good.

This “Emotional Statistics” device is hardware. It’s made specifically for an internet-shop. Flashing diodes show how “deep” visitors get into the site: if they reach the center, they’ve bought a product, and if they buy a product, it’s listed in the center. There are four possible sources that a visitor can come from, each tracked by a line of lights: Direct Access, Paid Search, Referral, or Organic Search. Each visitor is also identified by the color green (unknown, new visitor,) or white (known, returning visitor.)


Designer: Frederik Podzuweit


  • Spoon says:

    Why is this product in form of a bowl? I think that the same affect would be achieved with a flat shape more effectively, making the data easier to view from different angles in the room or even on a desk beside a computer. A more linear form would suggest that the “shoppers” on the site are racing to the finish, or in this case, buying the product off the site. T

    he next step on capabilities of this product would be a small display of tendencies and average times the individual spent on the site. Maybe a list of the top 3 most popular links that are being followed. This is an interesting product.

    Good work. Design on.

  • Carl says:

    there is probably a very good reason why there are no bowl shaped tech. we have all missed this very good way of digital display? or its more effort than its worth..

  • arun says:

    I love this latest post and whole post on blog is very cool

  • WDave Rhee says:

    It’s not a bowl, it’s a “conversion funnel”!

    Would be cool for the web analytics geeks whom I know. (And I know quite a few, believe you me!) Of course, they’d want it configurable, so that various spokes could be assigned to specific campaigns, traffic sources, or other marketing segments of interest, but hey, that’s why we’re geeks.


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