Visualizing the Peanut Gallery

Whom amongst you partakes in the art of search engine optimization and general internets traffic-directing? How’s your web-page doing? I’m sure a lot of you use such as Google Analytics or whatnot. But what if you want a giant bowl-clock with pretty amazing lights that help you visualize your traffic fate? It’s big and crazy and good.

This “Emotional Statistics” device is hardware. It’s made specifically for an internet-shop. Flashing diodes show how “deep” visitors get into the site: if they reach the center, they’ve bought a product, and if they buy a product, it’s listed in the center. There are four possible sources that a visitor can come from, each tracked by a line of lights: Direct Access, Paid Search, Referral, or Organic Search. Each visitor is also identified by the color green (unknown, new visitor,) or white (known, returning visitor.)


Designer: Frederik Podzuweit