Sit Down With a Nice One-Cable Espresso

Returning hero Andrew Seunghyun Kim – whose been getting designs published with Yanko since 2007, presents this all-in-one screen. It’s the “Espresso” and it’s got one cable. It’s your TV, your multimedia collection, and your home internet display. Built-in DVD player, speakers, and wi-fi. Slots along the right side for plug-n-play add-ons. Available in 2 colors: single-shot or double-shot – for those of you who need that extra jolt. Then- touch screen remote- coffee cup touch charger for the remote.

Touch everything. The remote is reel-similar to what the modern iPod screens look like, along with the fluid covers n’ stuff. The bottom or back-side of the remote has a ridge to resemble the bottom of a coffee cup, which, incidentally, makes it nice to handle. And the coffee cup you see below is the charger for the remote. Just place it on top! Induction!

I encourage all Yanko users to comment on this project here, of course, then explore the rest of Andrew Seunghyun Kim’s designs here on Yanko : Search “Andrew Seunghyun Kim”, then read Kim’s message board post over at Core77 – kindly submitted to us by 울트라 쫄핑크 TaoNova. Thanks for all tips!

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim


  • well says:

    well.. A normal idea about cable problem? Curved line of TV? The back design is exactly same with Mac, even the way the cable pass through the hole. GUI? simple, but no more. Touch everything? Easy solution for the DESIGNER!
    In my opinion, nothing is unique in this page!
    The designer is just pretty (not extremely) good at doing computer tools.
    Come on.. It is just ‘middle-class student level’ design in Korea.

    • Very little new under the sun Well so it’s not surprising that you see old ideas brought back under the guise of NEW. This should not be a surpise by the way, we humans are functionally the same critters we were when we went out hunting and gathering on a daily basis.

  • Jeremiah says:

    I like the idea for the UNICABLE and the Induction charger for a touch screen remote. Besides that though, in all honesty… Meh. I say sell the Unicable idea, that alone to me is sweet 🙂

  • Lamah says:

    I’m still going to want to plug my 5.1 sound system, Playstation 3 and satellite decoder into it.

  • the wall says:

    I like reading Yankodesign but the replies are really not very constructive. I already seen my pov posted before but I don’t see any improvements. I would like to read constructive comments from now on.

    • Wall: How to make a constructive comment here, its a integrated system, something that has been done over and over. That is not a slam, the reason it has been done over and over is because its a valid idea. Its nice, clean and that’s fine but other than that its kinda generic.

  • Patron says:

    don’t we have a unicable?


  • JD says:

    Just to be nit picky – what does everybody think about pushing so much data/signal through such a slim cable? I don’t know a lot about the tech of it, but it looks crazy thin to handle all that it shows…

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