Sit Down With a Nice One-Cable Espresso

Returning hero Andrew Seunghyun Kim – whose been getting designs published with Yanko since 2007, presents this all-in-one screen. It’s the “Espresso” and it’s got one cable. It’s your TV, your multimedia collection, and your home internet display. Built-in DVD player, speakers, and wi-fi. Slots along the right side for plug-n-play add-ons. Available in 2 colors: single-shot or double-shot – for those of you who need that extra jolt. Then- touch screen remote- coffee cup touch charger for the remote.

Touch everything. The remote is reel-similar to what the modern iPod screens look like, along with the fluid covers n’ stuff. The bottom or back-side of the remote has a ridge to resemble the bottom of a coffee cup, which, incidentally, makes it nice to handle. And the coffee cup you see below is the charger for the remote. Just place it on top! Induction!

I encourage all Yanko users to comment on this project here, of course, then explore the rest of Andrew Seunghyun Kim’s designs here on Yanko : Search “Andrew Seunghyun Kim”, then read Kim’s message board post over at Core77 – kindly submitted to us by 울트라 쫄핑크 TaoNova. Thanks for all tips!

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim