Concrete Heaven by the Sea

Have you ever seen a house so awesome that it kinda makes you hate your own?! Well, this is one of those houses. This concrete gem overlooks a rocky coastline, and its cozy interior is the perfect contrast to the stark exterior and severe sea cliffs. Beware before you look at the photos inside… it’s so good it might just make you cry.

Designer: Igor Sirotov


  • kfein says:

    it’s beautiful, and a bit gloomy

  • Dave says:

    Pretty much every house featured on design blogs make me hate mine.

  • Marcella says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can find those amazing light fixtures shown over the dining table? (behind the blue sofas)
    They look like Manta Rays! How exquisite!

  • Jay Enslehy says:

    Very attractive bomb shelter…would not want to live there.

  • Ed says:

    So, where is this house? How big is this house? Was this house dug-in or poured-on? So many questions, so few answers.

  • manuel says:

    it´s anything but bay the sea. cold bomb shelter.

  • Abe says:

    The design of the house seems like you’re at the sea. As for all the furniture (including sofas) matches the house. This house is great since it’s near by the sea area. It’s great for people who admire nature and love being by the water.

  • Glassed Blog says:

    Love those chairs. They’re quirky and actually look comfy – that’s unheard of!

  • Pablo says:

    So much concrete… a luxurious prision cell

  • Jef says:

    It would make me cry IF I lived there! This is an awful looking dungeon of a house! It looks like one big basement! Where are the windows? You built a house at the BEACH and there’s no view from inside?! Huh?
    You may as well put it in the middle of a desert.
    Oh, and I love that there’s no privacy in the bathroom – the toilet is 5 feet from the bed with no doors!?
    There’s no warmth, no comfort, and at the beach in the damp air this house would cost a fortune to heat.
    For so many reasons this house should be torn down.

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