RELAX Contest Winner, Fluid Rocker

Big congrats to Nick Trincia. His Fluid Rocker concept received the most votes from the panel of judges. Huge thanks to everyone who entered. The concepts were amazing – so amazing that I plan on highlighting a few of them in separate posts. Thank you so so very much to our sponsors Robert McNeel & Associates and Bunkspeed. Hit the jump to read more about the Fluid Rocker and noted honorable entries.

1st Place

Fluid Rocker by Nick Trincia

My entry for the RELAX Design Competition is one of the most relaxing of all pieces of furniture, a rocking chair. The Fluid Rocker’s soft curves and ergonomic form make it as inviting to look at as it is to sit in. The chair’s flowing organic shape is achieved through a one piece fiber glass construction with a high-gloss finish. For added comfort and texture, a layer of soft natural felt wraps over the entire outer face of the chair. On the upper side of the chair, the felt provides added cushion for sitting, while on the underside of the chair it provides for quieter, softer rocking, and protection for your floors.


1st Runner Up

Solomon by Jeff Lawber

The chair is what I like to think of as a hybrid between a bean bag chair and a park bench, offering the custom fit of one and the pleasant atmosphere of the other. The idea is that the chair compresses when you sit on it to give a level of custom comfort as well as a spring-like bounce.


Honorable Mention

Hive Chair by Marcos Torres

Hive was designed because I wanted to create a chair that had a suspended seat area that was not rigid. The hexagonal pattern is made from an elastomer that allows the seat to have some give when the user sits down. The challenge was to be able to create a pattern that was parametric so that I could make changes to the pattern on the fly. To achieve this flexibility I used grasshopper. Grasshopper allowed me to create a chair that had endless possibilities. The result is Hive, a fun and progressive design that is sure to make people stop and stare.


To Rocking Chair by Zheng Ruixing

Relax – A term to describe idyllic surroundings, loosening of muscles and just immersing in total happiness. To me, it is to be able to sit down at the end of the day and rocking away all the hectic lifestyle that I am exposed to in the mornings. Hence, the design of my furniture is largely based on a fantastic Japanese character. An individual feels at ease and at the same time, comfortable as it is of ergonomic structure and it does not feel out of place when placed with any other furniture because of its minimalistic outlook. An ideal hangout for a cozy afternoon read (as the bottom stand is able to store items like books), a balcony decorative piece to enjoy nature with or just reminiscing the days of sitting on Gramps’ lap while he sits on his traditional rocking chair.

In short, “と” is the way of life where “と” means a good friend who is supporting and walking WITH you through the days of your lives.

(とis pronounced as “to” and is translated to “with” in English)


Relax Lounge Chair by Kamil Kurka

The hand which held you in its palm let you relax and drowse you with soft touch and mild swing. Endless flexible frame let you float in the air.

Combination of modern technology and functionality with a beauty of natural materials has found its place. Frame is made of straight grain veneers glued together. There are various grain directions in each layer for best strength and flexibility. Endless frame has no fix connection in the cross, only plastic sliders in between.

Seat is divided into 3 cushions covered in white leather, for better comfort and support of the body.


Cloud Sofa by D.K. Wei

Cloud is a sofa concept designed for ultra comfort and relaxation. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base. No matter if you want to work and sit with comfort or simply a power nap to release the stress, you can always enjoy your time to relax on the floating cloud.


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