Friday Giveaway: 2 Adonit Jot Touch Pressure Sensitive Styli

The role of the tablet has transformed from being just a reading device to one that allows you to use it creatively. Many a designers now rely on the iPad to do random sketches, pursue inspiration and follow their thoughts. To compliment their intuitiveness we have Adonit striving hard to empower them with the right tools. This Friday stand a chance to win two Adonit Jot Touch Pressure Sensitive Styli.

To Win Adonit the Jot Touch Answer This Question:

  • How will pressure sensitivity help you on the iPad?

Contest Rules:

  • 2 Winners will be announced
  • Contest Closes 16th September – midnight PST
  • Contest Open Worldwide
  • Standard Contest Rules Apply
  • Only One Entry Per Person

More about the Jot Touch:

Jot Touch has the distinction of being the first pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad. Adonit’s goal was to give artists more than the expected precision from a Jot stylus, but also the freedom to create everywhere with powerful tools. Using Bluetooth, Jot Touch also provides the user with shortcut buttons for quick changes such as “undo” or brush switching. Partnered with Jot Ready Apps, Jot Touch is the most powerful iPad stylus around.


  • Eric R says:

    Jot would certainly aid in reducing wrist fatigue and give my stiff fingers a break. It’d be nice to have sure-fire precision always at hand when navigating drawing & photo apps as well as poking around fun design websites like Yanko. Thanks for the contest!

  • Makro says:

    It looks so elegant, if I would be its winner, I would buy me the iPad to it.
    Just to doodle a little.

  • Jane D says:

    This will be the modern substitute of the classic pencil with eraser which doesn’t only make drawing super smooth but takes it to the next level of facilitating coloring and painting. AWESOME!

  • Darryl says:

    My wife might finally be able to retire her 10-year-old Wacom tablet and only draw on her iPad with better feel.

  • How wouldn’t it. Not only would it be great to take notes, draw, play games and make things like typing faster. It would also help in video editing and GarageBand. But like most things on the iPad there are probably a ton of things that I havn’t even thought about.

  • Garry Hannah says:

    To sketch ideas and wright my thoughts on the go 🙂

  • Matthew says:

    A question, very nearly a silly one as the ways it would be good so deeply outweigh the others.

    When you draw, write or even just babbling with a pen…pressure is everything.

    What better way to express your emotion at that moment than to have the pen speak for you? Been a bad day…it just doesn’t sound the same without that manic scrawl that only a tactile pen can provide.

    Excited…tired…they all can be said with the thickness of a line, the heaviness of a hand or the little scroll like flourish at the end.

  • Taylor says:

    I will be able to better my art with this pen and be able to push the iPad to its full capability.

  • Taylor says:

    I will be able to better my art with this pen and be able to push the iPad to its full capability.

  • ivan says:

    Because if I have it, I don’t need to sell my iPad and add much more money to by Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that have similar pen to help me in my studies.

  • Anatoliy Dzhuga says:

    1) Finally be able to take decent notes.
    2) Express my ideas in autodesk sketchbook pro.

  • deepvines says:

    I could finally use my iPad as a Wacom replacement!!

  • Stacy H says:

    This will allow me to sketch drawings more accurately than I could otherwise.

  • Vladimir Dzhuga says:

    Main use: art

  • Helen says:

    Will help with sketching. Being able to use the pen for different pressure will help with the styles of brushes and pens in sketching.

  • Matthew Kol says:

    I’ve been following Yanko Design for nearly two years now. Unfortunately, I have never won anything yet 🙁 and I would be extremely grateful if I could win this Jot Touch for my iPad 🙂 and congratulations to the person who does win it!

  • Brent says:

    I’m an artist and grad student. I do a fair amount of drawing on my iPad. I’d love to see what the difference in a sensitive drawing utensil would make when I do my sketches on it. I’d like to see if my gestural drawing style would become even more intuitive and it’d bring more nuances out in my drawings. Plus it’s just cool technology to work with.

  • Enrique says:

    I would create artwork that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show.

  • Jan Kazemier says:

    I’d like to create some apps for the iPad using this pen 🙂

  • shaun says:

    The intuitive nature of the touch screen is just screaming to incorporate pressure sensitivity into the mix for a truely personal and organic experience. The nuance this would allow for woudl make my comp sketches and initial mechanical drawings even better.



  • Cyriel Aliphon says:

    Pressure sensitivity will provide me with the ability to weight the brush stroke- fine brush line to a heavy line to my sketches and to have a better balance in color coding.

  • Daniel Smith says:

    As a design engineer, this will aid me in making design sketches electronically

  • Jamie N. says:

    I use my iPad for taking notes in class, so this would be really helpful!

  • I have been waiting for a tool like this since first got my ipad and i have always been puzzled why wacom and apple never shook hands. I would love to sketch better on my ipad.

  • MissT says:

    it will make me be able to edit photos on my ipad way easier.

  • brandon says:

    I could work on my designs.

  • Jillian says:

    It will help me in taking notes for meetings and being truly wireless with my work. Typing on an iPad is distracting for those in a meeting…it’ll be nice to take notes like everyone else but that it be digitally based

  • Kevin Doan says:

    The Adonit Jot Touch’s pressure sensitivity will revolutionize the way I interact with my Ipad, fusing the human body with the machine, and able me to put what I imagine in my head to reality.

  • K. f. says:

    this would be the closest thing i could have to a portable wacom cintiq. a portable drawing or painting setup such as an ipad with pressure sensitivity support is the ultimate dream for artists who love drawing and creating art on location and absolutely love the digital medium. the jot touch would make a tablet a more useful product for digital artists who frequently use pressure sensitive drawing tablets (wacoms)– and it makes drawing with pressure sensitivity feel so much more natural and intuitive.

    to put it more bluntly: i, as an artist, i won’t be as damn frustrated when i paint on an ipad. i’ll have to do less fiddling with painting controls and would spend more time creating pictures.

  • Scott Buckley says:

    Would use this little gem to create more easily the pictures and stories I work on for my son and the local child carers.

  • devan jones says:

    Pick me!

  • koosha says:

    when we wanna draw something or write with different handwriting this pressure gonna help us so much

  • Jesse sauchelli says:

    It would help me develop a better work flow since I’m always on the go and have minimal time for my freelancing gig aka storyboarding and making animatics on bus rides, meeting and so on 🙂

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