The unlikely Hand-Sanitizer we need

I’m declaring myself a Germophobe (germaphobe, mysophobe) after hearing what scientists have to say about escalator handrails. Brace yourselves, but those handrails on escalators and walkways are by far some of the dirtiest things your hands can touch. Microbiologists have tested these handrails positive for traces of (read further only if you have the stomach for it) food, blood, mucus, urine, feces and E.coli, aside from other bacteria and viruses. It’s a rather strange compromise, to hold onto something for balance only to find it contaminated with absolute filth.

The good thing is there’s a solution for it too that doesn’t involve face masks and disposable gloves. The UV Handrail Sterilizer from LG Innotek and Clearwin is a simple yet effective solution that just snaps onto the handrails of these escalators and walkways. The retrofittable design consists of a universal clamp, a power-unit, and a UV bulb that blasts all these germs and vermin to oblivion. The bulb has a life of about 10,000 hours (which should last one and a half years if used for 20 hours a day) and runs on no external power supply. It cleverly draws power from the handrail’s movement itself, turning mechanical energy into electrical energy that powers the UV bulb so you don’t have to roam around in a Hazmat suit every time you want to use the subway.

Designers: LG Innotek & Clearwin.