Ammunition and Gantri collaborate over a series of 3D-Printed lights

SF-based design studio Ammunition Group is adding Gantri to its list of collaborators/clients, as the two companies get together to launch a series of lights designed for the Gantri platform. The lamps are designed to complement and wonderfully reflect Gantri’s clean design language, brought about by their unique 3D-printing processes and use of innovative custom plant-based filaments.

The series spans three categories that embrace distinct visual styles. The Gio Collection borrows from Italian lighting designs of the 1970s, while the Carve Collection showcases monolithic designs created by a union of two separate forms, resembling the effect of carving out sculptures from marble-blocks. The Signal Collection features louvered slats integrated into the lamp’s body, inspired by architectural details.

Each collection comes with tabletop, wall-mounted, and stand light variants, and are fitted with Gantri’s museum-quality dimmable LEDs. Each light is 3D printed on-demand and finished in a way that feels more bespoke than industrial. They are available in five beautiful nature-inspired finishes including “Sedona,” a deep red color exclusive to the Ammunition collections.

The ambitious Ammunition and Gantri collaboration is a great win for consumers who want to elevate their homes with well-designed lighting solutions without having to defer to IKEA’s catalog. 3D printed on demand, and with a very modest price starting at $148, Ammunition X Gantri’s lamps are perhaps the definition of bespoke, while also being sustainable, thanks to the use of Gantri’s bio-filaments. The collaboration is also a great moment for the design industry, which Gantri has constantly supported through its past partnerships with designers from around the globe. It truly is remarkable to see them pair up with Ammunition Group, arguably one of the most well known design outfits from Silicon Valley, responsible for culture-shifting products like Beats by Dre, Polaroid’s cameras, Lyft’s beacon, and the Ember self-heating mug series.

Check out the series on Gantri’s website by clicking here.

Designer: Ammunition Group for Gantri