Chronicle Your Travelogues The Digital Way

Unless you are doing it for Discovery or National Geographic, nobody expects you to diary your travel experiences. Even your odd post on Trip Advisor really has no weight till it’s corroborated with a video or pictures. The question is, do you like jotting your travelogues? If yes, then something like the Backpacker’s Diary could be functional for you.

Designed to look more like a book than a traditional PC, the diary has flexible pages that let you do a whole lot of things. The ‘eyes’ of your travel is the Digital Book Mark, which packs in a digicam, mic and LCD screen. What it sees, it records, and transfers to the Diary via Bluetooth. Simply clasp it to your shirt pocket and wander.

On the Diary you will find flexible pages that include a silicone rubber flexi-keyboard and a pullout solar panel. Needless to say the solar panel is to juice up the device.

Backpacker’s diary also helps you draw out your travel plans as you can use the maps to chart your course. What I like the most about this concept is the EL Illuminant Panel that doubles up as a night-light. Yes, I always need a nightlight!

Designer: Eric Zhang


  • Eric says:

    Maybe in 20 years it’s possible, but will we really need it then? I love new outlets for e-ink, but it’s still only black and white. Must be a miracle battery that can blue tooth camera and audio info while displaying it’s own LCD info from such a small ‘pen’ sized device. I like everything it has to offer, but it can’t be made like this for some time. Until then I have other devices to obtain the same information on the go. (can even charge it with my backpack mounted solar cells.) Either way it will cost a pretty penny! It’s for hard core travelers for sure.

    • fb says:

      in 20 years we won’t even be using solar panels like these, they’ve developed much smaller, more efficient devices to harness solar power using nanotechnology.

      thank you, nanos

      • Eric says:

        Agreed. That’s why I saw a discrepancy in timing with this item. All features it provides we have now, just in a couple of separate devices. (we even use backpack mounted cells for power already.) At the point when we could combine them all into this one device, new technologies would make this look like it was designed in 1999 as a “Year 2020 Future Item.” (With technology we thought we could have later.) Without a doubt it would be obsolete tech wise, before it could get produced. Therefore it’s not going to happen. Either way it will make travelers drool now… Give it just 10-15 years and they will crap themselves over what we will be able to do.

  • K-Funky says:

    Very nice concept! I like it.

  • zippyflounder says:

    Its hard to look to see the future with any clairty, however you will see generaly reduction in ID as the software/ui takes the fore. In 20 years this all might be projected on to the persons retina from a any number of sources from glases, hats, or imbeded in “contact” lenses. The one thing to remember though is that PEOPLE dont change that much, what they want, what they need, how they react. There will be people that love the old, that love the new and lots that just want cheap.

    • Eric says:

      Very true. There is a market for most everything, just the size of that market really determines its overall need. I’m very excited for my projection glasses in the coming years. Contacts for sure, but they will get the glasses figured out first I bet…
      On that note, the advancement of technology is actually a big factor in what peoples needs are and become. But of course I don’t see safety pins going anywhere for example. 😉

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow!, i love this! this is so cool that if it was in production right now i would buy it..

  • Carl says:

    just use the the flux capacitor.. lol what a crock.

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