Chronicle Your Travelogues The Digital Way

Unless you are doing it for Discovery or National Geographic, nobody expects you to diary your travel experiences. Even your odd post on Trip Advisor really has no weight till it’s corroborated with a video or pictures. The question is, do you like jotting your travelogues? If yes, then something like the Backpacker’s Diary could be functional for you.

Designed to look more like a book than a traditional PC, the diary has flexible pages that let you do a whole lot of things. The ‘eyes’ of your travel is the Digital Book Mark, which packs in a digicam, mic and LCD screen. What it sees, it records, and transfers to the Diary via Bluetooth. Simply clasp it to your shirt pocket and wander.

On the Diary you will find flexible pages that include a silicone rubber flexi-keyboard and a pullout solar panel. Needless to say the solar panel is to juice up the device.

Backpacker’s diary also helps you draw out your travel plans as you can use the maps to chart your course. What I like the most about this concept is the EL Illuminant Panel that doubles up as a night-light. Yes, I always need a nightlight!

Designer: Eric Zhang