Top 10 Designer Bathrooms

Oh Crap! Are we seriously talking about toilets today? Yeah we are, but in a very different way! Ok, lets get a bit sophisticated and discuss the most important quarters of our abode in a very designer-ish manner. The place where we do our unloading, washing, cleaning and kinky-stuff, is often neglected due to our hectic pace. Lets slow down a bit and enjoy a select few luxury fixtures and fittings that we would LOVE to see in our bathroom but don’t have the time (or money) for. Hope you enjoy this Top 10!

10) The Throne by Anderson Dunlap

This pot screams BLACK BEAUTY! What a way to unload early in the morn! A throne that is not only unusual in shape but is quirky enough for a king!

9) Toilet Seat Scale by Haikun Deng

People like me who have always battled the bulge since teenage years would love this seat. Every single ounce lost is like a miracle!

8 ) Bath-bee by 2-B-2

This concept bath is so endearing, it kinda takes you back to Winnie the Pooh days! Imagine splashing around in a giant honey pot.

7) Faenza by Zheng Zheng

This is an actual product that was designed for a Chinese brand and it went on to become a best seller instantly. Without doubt, this IS sophistication at its best!

6) Da by Victor Aleman

When he is not designing love seats for us to coo-chi-coo on, Victor is busy designing the perfect Spa Shower. This giant O is one helluva shower I would like to install in my bathroom. Damn the lack of space!

5) Drop by Ambroise Maggiar

What’s special about this showerhead you ask? Well it’s the simplistic design used here to adjust the flow of water. To change the flow from a concentrated pour to a spray, simply push or pull the flexi central head.

4) Paper Scale by Duck Image Studio

One word-Gorgeous! If you must stand on scale to tell how overweight you are, it may as well be something as classy as this. Applying paper electronic technology to this ultra thin flexible scale is ingenious! The system combines a pressure sensing sheet that relays information to an e-paper display. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and can be rolled up for storage.

3) Cromobox LED Shower Door by Antonio Lupi

As you indulge in some aromatherapy while bathing, team it up with color therapy as well! The Cromobox LED shower door transforms your drab morning ritual of a quick scrub into something quite special. Ah… the vibrant colors that uplift your mood! Ok, I’m stopping here…you people can let your sexy minds wander!

2) Bola Faucet by Agustin Otegui

Captivating you with its awesome design, the Bola dispenses water in the most fashionable way. The hollow faucet features a light around the bottom rim that glows when in use. Excuse me, but my hands are dirty and I need to go and wash them!

1) Kali Metal Bathtubs By Blubleu

The magic of metal comes alive in this classic tub for two! Shimmy with gold, bronze and other colors, the romantic experience of taking a dip together is blissfully realized with the aptly placed water jets and co-coordinating headrests. No fuss or fighting over space, just enjoy the champagne, strawberries and the bath!