Asp-Adder Take A Hike, Slythrin Is Here

For some reason I have a very soft corner for designer Mac Funamizu. I know sometimes his designs can get outlandish, but like I always say, you need to dream BIG to achieve something in life. His latest concept is a portable projector device that wraps around your hand like a bracelet. This modern bridge between the physical and digital world comes with a camera, a projector and WiFi. Interestingly he compares & names it after the beautiful white snake, SnowCorn.

The transparent part that you see on the bracelet is actually a touchscreen that displays basic functions like time, date etc. For the projector part Mac describes it like this, “To activate the projection, you control the UI on the screen: just tap it and it gives you some options such as scan image/text or cancel. More advanced options are all projected on the wall or table. You can have a more complicated UI there, with buttons and a keyboard.”

Besides being customizable in the fields of color and style, you can even scan a business card and update your address book via WiFi.
Look up translations or train maps, there’s a lot you can do with the SnowCorn, my only request…don’t fry any please!

Designer: Mac Funamizu