Wake Up to An Alarming Juice, Toast, and Coffee

Ou de chocolat! The one time I was in France in my life, I stayed at a nice place of lodging just down the street from the Moulin Rouge (no lies!) And in this place of lodging, every morning, we were served toast and a choice of “café, tea, ou de chocolate.” And with the “Wake Up” alarm, that’s just the choices you’ll get. Every morning. Automatically.

These designers design in French, so you’ll notice I took the liberty of keeping their original instructional notes in French with an English translation below. This project hardly needs instructions, however, as the whole thing is basically intuitive.

Set your alarm.

Make sure whatever you’d like to have ready in the morning is set up (make sure the toaster is loaded, that the juice, coffee, and/or chocolate are in their respective slots.)

Click the buttons for the items you’d like made.

Wake up the next morning to a Yanko approved breakfast!

*MY MISTAKE! This project offers Juice in place of the Tea from my story. But I’m sure you could jury-rig it to whip you up some fine chai.

Designer: Florent Beguin