Teeny-Tiny Dishwasher

From the size of it I know most people will go, “Tch, tch that’s a really small dishwasher!” But sweets this one’s for the double-income-no-children types and singles. That’s how specific designing is getting these days, and me being from the old school of thought of big happy families is finding it hard to digest! The sleek looking Gota is small enough to fit on the kitchen platform and has an eco-sense as well. Its one of those niche things that couples will like to show off about.

In its pre-wash cycle the dishwasher steams up the dishes and recycles the cooled down residual H2O for the later-on cycles. That’s a neat way of conserving water for a pint-sized washer! The body of the Gota is crafted from ABS polycarbonate and the internal tank stores sufficient enough water for a round of cleaning.
So what do you say…will you go for something small and compact as this or do you belong to my school of thought?

Designer: CWB Staff