Teeny-Tiny Dishwasher

From the size of it I know most people will go, “Tch, tch that’s a really small dishwasher!” But sweets this one’s for the double-income-no-children types and singles. That’s how specific designing is getting these days, and me being from the old school of thought of big happy families is finding it hard to digest! The sleek looking Gota is small enough to fit on the kitchen platform and has an eco-sense as well. Its one of those niche things that couples will like to show off about.

In its pre-wash cycle the dishwasher steams up the dishes and recycles the cooled down residual H2O for the later-on cycles. That’s a neat way of conserving water for a pint-sized washer! The body of the Gota is crafted from ABS polycarbonate and the internal tank stores sufficient enough water for a round of cleaning.
So what do you say…will you go for something small and compact as this or do you belong to my school of thought?

Designer: CWB Staff



    How much is this dishwasher? made in?

  • Charlotte says:

    i would KILL for this little dishwasher,,,i have a tiny apartment,,a toaster oven i cook with a microwave i cook with ,,and very small pots for just ME,,,this would be the joy of my life,,are you kidding me? the biggest appliance i have is my coffee pot and i really LOVE THIS!!!!! where can i get one?

  • Anne says:

    5 minutes a day is 30 hours a year you can spend on something more fulfilling, and if you do dishes 3 times a day… I would get a bigger dishwasher though.

  • Adina Hirschmann says:

    Perhaps you could have the flatware basket lift with the lid. Also, a steam prewash, followed by the conventional pump-and-motor action to do the serious work, all the while keeping the water hot with an element on the bottom of the machine , linked to a thermostat. I like the translucent body, but there should be an insulating liner with a vacuum in between to hold in the heat and keep the kitchen from getting hot. It should have all the automatic cycles, too.

  • Cas says:

    I’m a single guy, who lives in a very small studio apartment (28 square meters)
    But I don’t see the need of this dishwasher.
    Ok, you don’t have to wash up your plates and glasses, but what about pots and pans? Maybe a plastic or glass cutting board?
    Is never gonna fit, so you still need to wash up stuff.
    By hand it takes me 10 minutes, to wash up and have a clean kitchen, so what’s the use?? That you now finally found the time to take a sh…t?! :-S Sure…

  • mia says:

    Where can I buy this product? It would fit my needs perfectly.

  • mia says:

    When will this concept Gota becoming on to the market. I just need a small compact dishwasher. I never put my pans in the dishwasher. Just the dishes, silverware, and cups. This fits my needs perfectly. I would like to test drive this product if you have a prototype. I will give you a detailed review. Please contact me asap. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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  • CECÍLIA says:


  • Waytoolongcommute says:

    It’s not just the six plates and glasses – there are cereal bowls and coffee mugs, bowls and colanders etc etc. used to prepare food – I spend way too much time washing stuff by hand, this looks good to me.

  • Mary Ellen Jamieson says:

    Where can I buy one, please?

  • mia says:

    CWB Staff Designers,

    I would like this Gota dishwasher. Aesthetically Gota is sleek and modernistic. It’s also the right size for my needs.
    But does it work? Will you ever make the leap from concept to reality? I’ve been waiting 5 years!

    Thank you,


  • Rikki says:

    It’s obviously not meant for HUGE pots and pans, just SMALL dishes…

  • Shirley Ulke says:

    We’re can I buy this dishwasher ASAP

    • Miriam Moore says:

      Where is this dishwasher sold? In Souteastern area of Pennsylvania, UsA

  • Anne says:

    I like it but only if it uses less than 2 gallons of water per run. Preferably much less. More specific information? Well done with the design, very cool looking. Hope it’s tough because you know that thing is going to get knocked off the counter once in awhile.

  • mildred beck says:

    Where can i buy one?

  • Jennie says:

    Where can I order one of these Gota dishwasher?

  • Peggy Roberts says:

    Would like more information ( and price) and where The Gota dishwasher can be purchased.

  • Louise says:

    Please can i know asap where to buy one and how much the price would be please this would be very helpful in my travels

  • Neng Tang says:

    TEENY-TINY DISHWASHER — pls kindly tell where to buy and how much the price

  • randall cordoba says:

    soy de costar rica. como puedo ordenarlo

  • Ofer says:

    Would like more information ( and price) and where The Gota dishwasher can be purchased.

  • lucia salvaterra says:

    buongiorno, i wish buy gota dishwasher, but how much? you can send in Italy? Thank you Lucia

  • Maria says:

    Heyo Can I buy this dishwasher? I’d like one since of having no space in my kitchen for a big one. This would simplify everything.

  • Noorla says:

    How much? Can i order this since i live in asia

  • Florencia Scola says:

    Would like more information ( and price) and where The Gota dishwasher can be purchased.

  • Not Impressed says:

    Or you could wash those few dishes your damn self, you lazy fucks.

    • Lara says:

      This is not about lazy. This is about conservation of water (especially in drought areas such as California) and time saved for other endeavors. Please be thoughtful of other people’s considerations before casting judgement and demonstrating your lack of understanding of anything outside of your own limited experiences. Everyone eventually grows tired of spending time on mundane tasks and seek ways to streamline their finite time in this existence. How much time are you willing to spend hand washing dishes and clothes / shaking your rugs / building a fire to cook or heat your home while your friends are all out having a good time? Convenience makes all of our lives better.

  • Sandra says:

    Would like to know where The Gota dishwasher can be purchased in the USA? Why does it seem like you’re not answering purchase requests? Is this just one of your many concepts not being manufactured? If so you should let the public know. Very irresponsible of you.

  • Merlin says:

    Can teeny tiny dishwasher be purchased or/sent to St. Louis, MO? How much to purchase and have this time delivered?

  • Nashwan says:

    Can u please tell me how much does it cost with transport to Holland
    Many thanks

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